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Simplest Video Deinterlacing Method to Get Rid of Interlaced Lines

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

It is often the case that you get irate by many unwanted mice teeth, combings and serrations in videos displayed on computers, yet do not know how to get rid of those disturbing interlaced lines. The essential reason of this problem lies neither in the computer configurations, nor in the media player quality or the failure of the DV camcorder. It is determined by the way of scanning, which calls for video deinterlacing methods to address. And 5Kplayer will provide you with the easiest solution.

How to Deinterlace Video with 5KPlayer?

5KPlayer is without doubt the best and easiest choice for video deinterlacing. It is free yet sensational and powerful, offering a few video deinterlacing choices and allowing you to remove interlacing from display within a few steps of clicks.

Dinterlace Video Player

Simple Steps to Deinterlace Video with 5KPlayer

Step 1. Download this video deinterlace software -5KPlayer and run it;

Step 2. Drag and drop the video you want to deinterlace onto the main interface;

Step 3. When the video starts playing, right click on the playing interface and select "Deinterlace"; Then you can choose the deinterlace methods for better video deinterlacing result.

Note: you can try all of those video deinterlacing methods one by one to compare which one works out the best video deinterlacing result.

Note: As a great video music player, 5KPlayer offers video deinterlacing that only solves the interlacing problem of video playback rather than video itself, which is already sufficient for video/movie viewers and easy for them to master. Also, with the help of 5KPlayer's right click, you can add subtitle tracks, adjust aspect ratio, and synchronize AirPlay delays. Just throw any video/music files of any formats onto this great player, and you will get exactly what you expected.

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