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4K Player Software v.s. 4K Player Hardware, Purchasing Wisely

Watching 4K videos on TV or on your computer? Purchasing 4K player hardware for your TV or get free 4K player software for computers? Or both? Since 4K haven't yet conquer the market –4K video sources quite limited, 4K blu-ray discs far away from launching the DVD-renting store, Apple TV 4 refusing to provide 4K streaming, and most of all, the price for a 4K TV still hovering high beyond our reach, it is not hard to see that investing in 4K is like throwing gold into the bottomless abyss without even an echo.

Best 4K Player Software -5KPlayer

Free get world's big-league 4K player software –5KPlayer, which supports video playback of up to 4K and FUHD (8K) quality. It is compatible with H.264/H.265 codecs and HEVC, guaranteeing 100% smooth 4K streaming and exquisite 4K/8K video images.

Best Free 4K Player Software

Download 4K video from online and play

You can also free download 4K/8K videos from over 300 online websites like YouTube, Metacafe, StupidVideos etc by just copying and pasting the video URL into the YouTube download box frame of 5KPlayer. With 4K videos saved in your hard drive, wherever you go, 4K videos go along with you.

Streaming Netflix 4K videos

Netflix and Amazon are working on the plan of streaming 4K TV shows like House of Cards. 5KPlayer functions as Netflix 4K streaming software that can easily stream Netflix 4K content to TV from both Mac and PC.

Free 4K Media Player Software HD

Note: Dealing with 4K UHD videos, this great 4K video music player software speaks for itself with its rich functions and extraordinary 4K rendering ability. True 4K videos and even 4K-upscaling can all be achieved perfectly with this media player software. Behold, 5KPlayer is also one of the best free 4K video downloaders on list that provides smooth and swift download experience better than KeepVid.

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  • Video Music Player* Play DVDs and videos in H.265/264 FLV MKV WMV etc.* Play internet radio, MP3, FLAC, AAC music and more.
  • YouTube Downloader* Download video/music from YouTube.* Convert YouTube to MP3/AAC music.
  • AirPlay Sender & Receiver * AirPlay from iPhone, iPad, iPod to Mac, PC, Apple TV.* AirPlay MP4 M4V MOV Videos MP3 AAC Music.

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