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4K Resolution: Download and Play 4K Resolution Videos

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

4K resolution: As the most blazing tech jargon, 4K resolution enhances the level of image quality. It influences almost anything concerning image and video display, ranging from TVs, phones, computer monitors to cameras, camcorders and even 4K games. But, what the heck is this 4K resolution? How to play 4K resolution videos? 5KPlayer will present you the answer.

5KPlayer - Best 4K Resolution Player

This hardware accelerated free 4K video player for both macOS High Sierra/Windows 10 is right at your service! Get it now to free download and play 4K res videos movies, 4K DVDs, HDR contents etc.

8K vs 4K Resolution Video

How to Download & Play 4K Resolution Videos with 5KPlayer?

Step 1: Download and run 5KPlayer to go to its main UI;

Step 2: Click the YouTube button to view the 4K resolution video download UI;

Step 3: Find the download link of a 4K resolution video from online;

Step 4: Copy and paste the link into the download box frame of 5KPlayer;

Free 5KPlayer for 4K Resolution Videos

Step 5: Click the analysis button to get the 4K res video info and download access.

If successfully analyzed, a download button will appear with a videostrip.

Step 6: Click the download button to save the 4K resolution videos.

The media player will inform you of the number of newly downloaded videos.

Step 7: Click on where the number shows up in the playlist and you'll see the saved 4K resolution videos.

Step 8: Double click the video thumbnail to start playing 4K resolution videos.

5KPlayer for 4K Resolution Playback

Note: 5KPlayer supports playing almost all video music formats including H.265, AVI, FLAC, FLV, MIDI, M2TS, etc. you can even watch 3D movies at home without paying much for a ticket.

Tips to Get 4K Resolution Wallpaper –5KPlayer Snapshot.
To obtain your own unique movie wallpaper for both the PC/Mac and phones, you can count on the snapshot function of this UHD video media player. Press the default hotkey "Enter" to go to the full screen mode and then press "F8" at any moment during the playback of 4K resolution video for a snapshot. The images will be saved in the target file, which can be reset in the settings (F2).

5KPlayer is your ideal player to play back 4K res videos in HEVC, MPEG4, H265. Its DXVA2 H/W acceleration and support for Dolbys, Stereo, RStereo are totally made for the high-res breakthroughs to handle even 8K videos. You can also enjoy many YouTube features including video preview, YouTube MP3 download, subtitle analysis etc. Get 5KPlayer for your 4K video playeback and you will never regret!

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