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Top 5 DLNA Apps for Android to Stream Android to PC/Mac/TV

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Protocol DLNA makes devices connected possible in theory but best DLNA app for Android makes that come true in practice. Any DLNA-certified Android phone also needs a DLNA app to stream video music over the air to smart TV or other DLNA-compliant devices, or to find media files from DLNA media servers to enjoy infinite entertainment. Under such condition, there are 5 best DLNA apps for Android that you can try for DLNA streaming Android at pleasure.

How to DLNA Streaming Android to PC/Mac & PC/Mac to Smart TV?

Best DLNA app for Android allows you to DLNA streaming phone to TV easily, but only DLNA streaming app is not enough if you want to DLNA streaming Android to PC/Mac or PC/Mac to smart TV. Therefore, 5KPlayer is the bridge connecting your mobile handset and PC/Mac or PC/Mac and DLNA-certified TV to DLNA share media files flawlessly.

DLNA Media Share

5 Best DLNA Apps for Android Recommended

No.1 BubbleUPnP

As the most well-known DLNA app for Android phones, BubbleUPnP is kind of all-round outshining other DLNA streaming Android apps. You can use it to stream all videos, music and photos to various DLNA-certified devices at will. More specifically, any content from your Android device, UPnP/DLNA media servers or cloud media storage providers like Google Drive can be streamed to Chromecast, Google Cast Devices, DLNA TVs, Xbox 360/One, PS 3/4, DLNA-certified player on PC and more. However, the inability to play 4K videos is its Achilles' heel, and some users have reviewed that this so-called best DLNA app won't detect renders or media sources on different subnets within the same network, while others complain that it can't play playlist continuously that you have to manually push play to play the next song. Ignore those little flaws that almost all DLNA apps may have, BubbleUPnP is the first choice you should consider.


No.2 Hi-Fi Cast + DLNA

Hi-Fi Cast DLNA streaming Android app is a music player app for Android smart phones to help stream music from Internet Radio stations, DLNA media servers and local music files on phone to DLNA smart TVs, Chromecast and DLNA media player. You are allowed to shuffle entire library and get gapless playback of MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV files when DLNA streaming to Chromecast and Google Home devices. At the same time, choose your favorite theme including an ultra-dark theme designed to reduce battery drain on AMOLED screens. If you only have the requirement of DLNA music streaming to DLNA-compliant devices, Hi-Fi Cast DLNA app for Android is a very good choice.

HiFi Cast

No.3 MediaHouse

Another ideal DLNA app for Android is MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA Browser that you can trust to scan video music in DLNA media server from your home network and then choose to play to any DLNA-supported devices. As a DLNA browser, player and controller, MediaHouse also has the competence to choose what to play from DLNA media severs on Android, tablets or smart TVs. As powerful as you can imagine, you can save your favorite albums or folders from various media servers for easier playback next time, or add/delete/rename the music playlists at will. If you are disturbed by other things during listening, this Android DLNA app will automatically save the last played audio tracks for you to enjoy when you are back.


No.4 MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey DLNA app for Android is also a video music player for Android besides helping stream Android to PC, smart TV and DLNA-compatible devices. But here, DLNA streaming function of MediaMonkey is what we are focusing on. As one of the best DLNA streaming Android apps, it plays any content to DLNA-supported devices as long as your device supports the format, and helps download media files from UPnP/DLNA servers if you'd like to collect them. Of course, like any other Android DLNA app, MediaMonkey will manage and navigate your video music in order for better further finding. If you want to unlock unlimited UPnP/DLNA usage, you can access the in-app purchase to pay for unlimited wireless synchronization as well.


How to DLNA Streaming Android to PC/Mac and Smart TV?

From the recommended best DLNA app list above, you may have chosen the desired one to install on your Android handset. To DLNA streaming Android to smart TV is quite easy, while the question left is how to DLNA stream Android to PC/Mac, find the answer below.

DLNA Streaming Android to PC/Mac

Step 1. First free download DLNA streaming software 5KPlayer on your Windows PC/Mac, install and launch it.

Step 2. Connect your computer and Android phone to the same network.

Step 3. Launch the best DLNA app for Android you have chosen, search for the name of your computer to connect the Android DLNA app to 5KPlayer and then play your media. 5KPlayer will instantly receive what's sent from your Android phone and show the DLNA streaming smoothly.

DLNA Streaming Android to Smart TV

Just find the media to play in the certain DLNA app for Android and find your TV to display.

DLNA Streaming Android

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