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Best WiFi Audio Receiver to Stream Audio from iPhone/iPod/iPad to Mac

Audio home theater is experiencing dramatic changes, for wired connections between devices are like endless plague causing inconvenience. Hence comes the choice of WiFi audio amplifiers enabling equal, or even better auditory effect in WiFi environment. With WiFi audio receivers, music amplifying could be achieved within only seconds to stream the music or audio of a movie from iPhone/iPod/iPad to Mac/PC.

What's the Difference among WiFi Audio Receivers in the Market?

Trendy WiFi audio receivers differ greatly in both quality and price. One of the crucial factors to the sound quality they provide is the streaming format a WiFi audio receiver is equipped with — generally divided into Bluetooth and AirPlay.

Stream Audio from iPad to WiFi Audio Receiver

Bluetooth audio receivers, without any form of routers, can set up a projector-to-receiver bridge to stream audio, and the only action needed is to pair the devices. While 5KPlayer — an AirPlay-enabled audio receiver is the absolute choice between the two for technically speaking, both its sound quality loss and the maximal enabled range outshine that of Bluetooth enabled ones.

Extending Your Media Rig with WiFi Audio Receiver

Wireless audio streaming is so much more than just iPhone/iPod/iPad to Mac/PC, 5KPlayer is also capable of Mac to Apple TV streaming. You are empowered to reflect picture collections from your iPhone to Mac/PC and play Spotify audio from your computer to your surround system. This self-contained media player flushes your home theater with high fidelity to the original acoustics.

Two Steps to Stream Audio from iPhone/iPod/iPad to WiFi Audio Receiver

Download 5KPlayer, install and launch it on your Mac or PC. This robust AirPlay-enabled audio receiver can seamlessly adapt to audio format type in AAC and MP3. In case you have music in other format types, please consider the DVD video converter software for Mac OS or Windows PC to convert the music to AirPlay supported formats.

Step 1: Connect the AirPlay sender and WiFi Audio Receiver

* Slide from the bottom of the iPhone/iPod/iPad screen to call up the Control Center, tap AirPlay and choose your Mac/PC name you would like to AirPlay to.

* Note: Please connect the iPhone/iPad and WiFi audio receiver to the same WiFi or Ethernet before starting to stream.

Connect the AirPlay Sender and WiFi Audio Receiver

Step 2: Choose the media file for wireless audio streaming

* Open the media file in your iOS devices.

* In the process of AirPlay, your iPhone/iPod/iPad is a flexible remote controller to alter between different music, while the WiFi audio receiver is capable of the last/next song control, and volume adjust is also a mere cinch to it by dragging the volume float bar.

Choose the media file for wireless audio streaming

Note: This AirPlay-enabled audio receiver and sender presents even more juicy resources from Pandora Spotify, YouTube and Vimeo. Furthermore, it is also a ready-to-use saver in case you meet AirPlay video delay from iPhone to Mac.

In your selection of a free WiFi audio receiver between Bluetooth or AirPlay enabled ones, the latter is devotedly recommended, featuring its excellent fidelity to your favorite music piece, and its perfect integration with wireless network to expand your device range. 5KPlayer readily adds spice to your home theater by its built-in AirPlay function to build a bridge between your media rig, your iOS devices, Mac, PC and Apple TV.

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