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Top 3 Ways to Get Moviebox for iPad Mini/3/2/1

Searching for ways to download and install Moviebox Pgyer 2018 but those tutorials won't work? This article details on 3 tried-and-true ways to get Moviebox for iPad without jailbreak alongside installation screenshot. Now that Moviebox APP has been pulled from APP Store, you'll need to take a closer look at each "Notes" part following the given ways, let's jump right in!

Alternating An Aptly Movie Downloader for Moviebox Pgyer for iPad

Free Moviebox Pgyer for iPad

The fastest online movie downloader enables you to download 720p/1080p/4K HD movies (while Moviebox for iPad can go no more than 720p) on Mac (macOS Sierra) and PC (Windows 10 included) before transferring files from computer to iPad. Now that 5KPlayer engages your computer processor to download, a 200% speed up in free movie streaming is easily achieved.

Top 3 Way. Jailbreak iPad via Pangu - Don't Skip This

Indeed, a jailbroken iPad is ampler in both functions and APP options. It's a one-pass for Showbox, PlayBox HD, Popcorn Time and more like Moviebox for iPad.
However, if system security matters to you most, better get back to the top 2 ways. After evaluating pros and cons in should we jailbreak iPhone/iPad iOS 9, you may find jailbreaking isn't bad with a full catalogue dazzling elements which even urges iOS developers to perfect the system as a whole. Hence to download and install Moviebox for iPad Mini/3/2/1 (jailbroken):

First, 5-step jailbreak iPad iOS 9;
Second, get vShare jailbroken version for iPad;
Third, download Moviebox for iPad in vShare Store.

Note: Moviebox for iPad has leveled up to 3.3.7 in Cydia (3.3.6 build only via vShare), which is another vShare-like store. Though faster streaming speed is guaranteed in this version, steps involved in downloading Cydia will be engaging. If you prefer Cydia-way of downloading Moviebox for iPad, learn more about Cydia.

Download Movies to iPad without Moviebox for iPad 2018

Step 1: Download and launch 5KPlayer for Windows and Mac, with which you can download movies to iPad even faster than Moviebox for iPad 2018.

Step 2: Click "YouTube" button on the main panel.

Step 3: Open web browser, copy URL to the movie you want to download. You are recommended to pick one from top 10 movie streaming sites with greater 1080p movie collections than either Moviebox for iPad or Showbox!

Step 4: Go back to the downloading window, click "Past URL & Analyze", where you will see the parsing process starts. When it's done, click "Download"!

Step 5: After downloading, you can either watch the movie on Mac/PC, or transfer files from computer to iPhone/iPad.

Download Movies to iPad

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