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How to Play HDR Videos Smoothly in VLC Media Player on PC?

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 30, 2020

How to play HDR using VLC? As the new video technology breakthrough - HDR has been buzzing around for some time - reinforced the shortest stave of video development, It also coaxed in many industries of software, mobiles, displays, monitors, projectors to support it on a large scale. But at an unfriendly price. Many HDR early adopters are wondering how to play HDR contents without being heavily taxed by this new buzzword. And when the open source VLC media player announced its HDR support, it's about time to dabbling in HDR again on our most-used and familiar devices - computers.

VLC HDR Not Working? Then, How to Play HDR Movies on PC?

5KPlayer free HDR player is your saver this time. It grabs online 4K HDR videos and plays Blu-ray DVD HDR content smoothly. Blessed with hardware acceleration feature, the overall HDR decoding and streaming efficiency enjoys a remarkable boost.

HDR Video Player

Part 4. Best VLC HDR Player Alternataive - 5KPlayer

This 4K HDR player supports HEVC, H.264, H.265 8bit 10bit video decoding with immersive rendering ability. Its horse-powered hardware decoding ability makes every HDR 4K videos play smoothly without hiccups. Also, this HDR player enables you to free download HDR videos and from over 300+ online HDR content sites and is built in with DLNA streaming tech to let you stream HDR content to HDR TV displays. For a HDR video early adopter, this might be the most ideal way of HDR content appreciation at zero cost.

VLC HDR not Working

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