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How to Play 8K Movies on iMac and PC Perfectly without Buffering

8K ultra HD movie has made its way to YouTube. As Ghost Towns, a two-minute video filmed in 8k resolution was released on YouTube earlier, and the news says almost no one can watch it, people start to question if they can actually be able to play 8K movies on iMac or PC. Well, there indeed are factors needed to be considered and problem to be solved but the answer is still yes, and then another question comes, how can I play 8K movies on my Mac or PC?

How to Play 8K Movies/Videos with iMac or PC

Smooth adaption from SD to 4320p 8K UHD, 5KPlayer is the decent 8K video player you deserve to have. It plays 8K 120 fps movie on your Mac or PC without distorting the original image and without damaging the multichannel stunning sound as well.

Best Free 8K Video Player

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There are only a few movies and TV shows are made in 8K resolution, but along with the development of AV industry, more and more super high version videos will be streamed and 8K movies, 8K sports games, 8K TV shows will become a mainstream sooner or later. Not to mention that Microsoft Windows 10 is compatible with 8K resolution and the iMac 8K is coming all the way in (according to LG early blog).

Some movies which were shot on film and went though non-digital post-production can be remastered in 8K and look incredibly, the best example of this kind of 8K movie is Lawrence of Arabia and Mr. Smith and some were shot by the actual 8K ultra compact camera that uses the H.265 encoder. So, in order to play ultra HD movies of 8K with your Mac or PC not only require a high performance hardware computer with 7680 X 4320 pixel screen, but also need a high performance 8K video player to decode the specific codec and play the movie to the extreme extent.

Is your current video player powerful enough to hold up 8K movies display without distorting image?

8K Movies Playback

A good horse needs a good saddle, so does the picky 8K videos. As for now, to be able to experience movies in 8K resolution and 22.2-multichannel sound, you will need the help of 5KPlayer, an amazing free 8K player for Windows 10 and iMac 8K, free but not cheap in quality. With 5KPlayer installed on your iMac or Windows 10 PC, you've simply got the right saddle for your horse.

The reason why 5KPlayer is able to play 8K UHD movies of MKV, AVCHD, MTS format with real 8K resolution image is because it decodes any video encoder including H.265/HEVC which is adopted in 8K resolution video and such the like. And with the unique video renderer, it automatically enhances the video quality and feast your eyes on images that are 4320p resolution sharp and a match for bring 8K movies in reality. There is no image distorting, playback stuttering and computer crashing of playing 4K, 5K, 8K and even 10K resolution videos. Quite the opposite, 5KPlayer plays ultra HD movies on Mac and PC perfectly with its slick performance as proof.

Guide on How to Play 8K movies on iMac/PC

Download and play 8K movies on iMac and PC with 5KPlayer.

Step 1: Free download 5KPlayer and launch it on your iMac or PC.

If you don't want to be troubled with the poor broadband, you can download 8K movie first with 5KPlayer and then play it.

Step 2: Download 8K Movie from YouTube or other video streaming sites.

Step 3: Open your video list and see that the 8K video you just downloaded is on top and then click it to play.

Best Free 4K Video Player

Play 8K Movies directly if you already have the 8K video clip on your Mac or PC.

Step 1: Launch 5KPlayer and then click "Video" button on the main interface.

Step 2: Browse and choose the target 8K video and double click it to play.

Playing 8K movies on your Mac or PC with 5KPlayer does require a high performance hardware computer, it plays 8K videos just as simple as playing the general videos.

Play 8K UHD Movies on Mac

Note: 5KPlayer not just supports 8K ultra HD movies playback smoothly; one of the extra bonuses is that it supports downloading 8K movies from YouTube, Vine, and other streaming sites which offering UHD videos. And if you think 8K movie deserves a larger screen to be displayed, just feel free to stream your 8K movie to Apple TV with the assistance of 5KPlayer's unique AirPlay feature.

Time to upgrade, 4K is so 2014. With the revolution of 8K TV, 8K monitor, 8K camera and computer and more and more 8K Hollywood movies, 8K TV shows, 8K sports games added to our library, we will step to a brand new digi era.

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