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Superior 8K Display Resolution on iMac/PC Brings The Best of 8K Movies

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

LG let out that Apple is going to release iMac 8K next year, and Windows 10 is compatible with 8K video display, and Sharp, the electronics maker also renewed its latest 4K TV for 8K resolution. All the signs are showing that, 8K ultra HD display is coming, not just for TV, but also for desktop computers, laptops, and even for smart phones! So, you got everything you need to dip your toes into the first tide of 8K resolution display?

8K Display is coming to Mac and PC, is your media player ready to date this advanced 8K display technology?

5KPlayer – Ready for 8K Ultra HD Playback with Its Slick Performance

Not only supports 8K display on iMac and PC, 5KPlayer, a sophisticated yet free ultra HD video player with DXVA2, QSV, NVIDIA Hardware Acceleration technology simply plays 8K videos and 10K, 16K UHD Videos and even videos with higher res. It is the very player with Hardware Decoding technology which is ready for iMac 8K display and 8K PC display.

Best Free 8K Video Player

What is 8K Resolution and Why 8K Display Is Superior?

8K Resolution is a resolution of 7680 X 4320 (33.2 megapixels) is now the highest ultra high definition television resolution to exist in digital television and digital cinematography. 8K refers to the horizontal resolution of these formats which are all on the order of 8,000 pixels, forming the total image dimensions.

Advantages of 8K display:

* 8K high-resolution has 16 times pixels of current 1080p and each pixel be indistinguishable from another to the human eye from a certain distance.
* 8K resolution display offers you a better-clarity image for your games.
* 8K ultra HD display resolution gives you the edit high-res videos and photos at their original resolution.
* 8K display offers way more desktop spaces for store your multiple windows, particular for coders.
* And one basic advantage for general entertainment is that 8K display simply offers ultimate experience for 8K video and 8K movie playback.

8K Display Resolution

How to Make 8K Videos Fully Displayed?

Of course, offering a high resolution is only one part of the equation. In order for users to get the full effect of 8K movie display, they would need to have a powerful 8K player to bring 8K movies really live up to the "Super-High-Resolution" legend.

If you are early adopters, a gamer, an editor or simply a movie fan, who trying so hard to find an ultra HD video player to for 8K content display right now? You got the free 5KPlayer! No matter you will purchase an iMac 8K or you've already got 8K movies at hand that you can't wait to watch, they deserve a professional 8K player that eliminate the glitches, buffering, and even audio delay of playing 8K ultra HD movies with other players.

5KPlayer, whereas, is the free 8K player for Windows 10 and iMac 8Kwhich designed to play videos at all resolutions: ranging from SD, 1080p HD to 4K, 5K, 8K, 10K and even higher. In order to make 8K videos fully displayed on your iMac or PC, 5KPlayer is in a dire need, because it plays 8K resolution at 120 fps, 48-bit videos on iMac and PC easily and smoothly. What's more it also supports stream 8K movies from iMac/PC to display on 8K TV via AirPlay which allows you to watch 8K movies display wonderfully.

How to Play 8K Videos with Real 8K Display Effects

5KPlayer has both Mac version and Windows version. Let's see how 8K video displays on Mac now.

Step 1: Download 5KPlayer on your iMac, and then click to launch it.

Step 2:Drag & Drop the target 8K video/movie onto the icon of 5KPlayer.

Step 3: The 8K video is displaying on your iMac now, you are free to select the subtitle, switch the soundtrack and even rotate the image left and right, upside down.

Note: Playing 8K movie on Windows PC is the same like 8K display on iMac, but to ensure that your 8K movies will be displayed perfectly, they do require a relatively high performance hardware computer.

8K Video Display on Mac

Setting 8K resolution display on iMac and PC is not the only responsibility 5KPlayer shoulders; it is also able to download 8K videos from Vine, and 300 more online video sites, all in their native resolution and original quality. Besides, as an amazing video and music player, this 8K player plays 3D movies as its basic function as well.

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