7 Types of Media Players for Windows 7 Free Download

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: May 17, 2021 | 5 Min Read

Finding the best media player for Windows 7? Then it must at least has support for the nowaday most cutting-edge codecs like H264/H265, 3D video, VR 360 degree video, wireless streaming, and even Dolby 5.1/7.1 SSD. It also needs to cooperate with your Windows 7 system smoothly as a matter of stable performance. Since now you know the par, your Windows 7 media player choices will be boiled down. Take a look at them now!

Different Types of Media Players for Windows 7 Reviews

Windows 7 system is 10yrs old by now. The once dazzling upgrades like taskbar reload/preview, smart system tray, Action center alerts, Library privileges, etc. seem weak and of no account in comparison with Windows 10. Its obsolete features falls short at catching the leading trends of new file formats, codecs and visual/audio updates. Therefore, additional powers should be considered in selecting a media player for Windows 7 so as to extend system ability accordingly. However, one should also be very clear about which ability improvement in particular you want to obtain. The listed Windows 7 media players have their own unique offers, just access to the one you need for more information.

1. Top DVR Media Player for Windows 7

Since many users are encountering the same DVR playback failure on Windows 7/Mac, and want to find a genuine DVR player that supports playback of .dvr format, we listed out 5 most trustworthy DVR player software based on test, including Kodi, Daum PotPlayer, GOM player, SMPlayer and 5KPlayer.

DVR player

2. Top Free DVD Player for Windows 7

Just like many committed users of Windows 7, you might also encounter the very common problem that the default Windows 7 media player can't play DVD videos/movies. Here, you can find ways to play all encrypted DVDs bypassing various DVD encryption technologies including Disney DRM, DVD CSS, Sony ARccOS.

DVD player

3. Top Free MKV Player for Windows 7

Since Windows 7 does not support MKV files off the shelf, a robust MKV player for Windows 7 is needed. If you are tired of installing codecs to play MKV files on Windows 7, here shares the top 4 free MKV player Windows 7 for you to free download.

MKV Player

4. Top Free Video Player for Windows 7

Here will introduce you 3 best video players for Windows 7, each featuring in different fields including streaming service, formats and codecs. You can choose one of them to play MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. videos up to 4K easily.

Video Player

5. Top Free Audio Player for Windows 7/10

Though this article is mainly about Windows 10 music player, the listed great audio players are also backword compatible with Windows 7 system with 100% fidelity reserved. Some support for 5.1 audio airplay and 7.1 SSD, others can even edit and tune in tons of online music fm songs with professional currators.

Music Player Windows 7

6. Best Free 3D Media Player for Windows 7

Here this review about 3D video players will give you a hint on how to choose the right free 3D video player to play 3D movies on Windows 7 along different specs, functions, versatilities, etc.

3D Media Player

7. Best Free VR Media Player for Windows 7

Review the best 5 VR media players for Windows 7 PC/Mac to play 360 degree videos and watch VR movies at home, get the real sense of existence in the Virtual Reality movie like you are actually there.

VR Media Player