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Top 5 Free DVR Players Download for Windows 7/10 & Mac

"I was wondering if anyone was able to figure out how to open .dvr extension format or files? Tried Windows Media Player, Windows Player Classic, VLC, Quicktime; none of them work…" Since many users are encountering the same DVR playback failure on Windows/Mac, and want to find a genuine DVR player that supports playback of .dvr format, we listed out 5 most trustworthy DVR player software based on test.

Best Free DVR Player Software for Windows 7/10 & Mac

5KPlayer is the second to none DVR Player for Mac/Windows. It combines smooth DVD playback, PVR/DVR playback with seamless streaming function to dispaly DVR on TV. Free download this FREE DVR Player now!

DVR Player Download for Windows/Mac

1. 4K/8K H.265/264 DVR Player Software–5KPlayer

Use 5KPlayer to test if it is the DVR high-res 4K/8K codec-support issue that leads to DVR playback failure. By supporting almost all any formats natively including DVR or DVR-MS format and H.264/H.265/VP8/VP9 codec, this DVR player software is certainly a shoo-in at DVR playback. It renders the image quality of DVR file to the best possible state and reveals details better than the average ability of other DVR Players. Another trick up its sleeve is its AirPlay feature which enables users to free stream DVR file contents to big HDTV from Windows 7/10 and Mac El Capitan.

Best Media Player for Windows
Best Media Player for Windows 10

2. Open Source DVR Recorder Player– Kodi (XBMC)

As it is known to all, Kodi features powerful Live TV and video recording (DVR/PVR) abilities. It enables you to watch & record live TV, DIY Whole Home DVR, automated DVR from the GUI interface and thus play back those recordings correspondingly. It's a combination of DVR recorder and player that might cover more thoroughly in terms of DVR codec support.

3. Light Weight DVR Player to Handle Large Files – Daum Potplayer

Potplayer supports DVR/DVR-MS and also deals with MOV, MKV, AVI, DVR files as large as 1.6GB flawlessly, very stable performance with a plenty of supported A/V formats as well as inbuilt subtitle support for .ass and .srt. So, if the DVR video is too large, Potplayer should be your first choice.

Best Media Player for Windows 10

4. Smart DVR Player to deal with Locked/Incomplete Files – GOM player

The reason you may want to give this DVR player software a shot is its competence of playback damaged/incomplete/locked/partially downloaded DVR files. You can use GOM player to test if it is the problem of DVR file quality itself that causes the DVR playback failure.

5. Codec free DVR player – Smplayer

This DVR player software is totally free from codec restrictions and provides a pile of subtitle control. The only drawback of this player is its playback for WMV file protected by DRM, which won't take you anywhere near a smooth enjoyment with WMV.

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