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10 Best Music Players for Windows 10 Free Download

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Since (Windows 10) music players are quite personal, if you are searching for best music players for your shining bright Windows 10 computer/tablet, you are at the right place. We list top 10 music players for Windows 10, each featuring different purpose illustrated below. Read to decide by your own which default choice you prefer to play songs on Windows 10 OS.

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Top 10 Best Music Players for Windows 10

For regular music lovers on Windows 10 OS, we recommend the Windows 10 dedicated music player 5KPlayer as it can free downloads MP4/3GP songs in high fidelity from Dailymotion, VEVO, SoundCloud etc with 300+ online music site support and 7-surround sound support.

1. 5KPlayer – Windows 10 Exclusive Music Player with High Fidelity

In case that the default Groove Music Player for Windows 10 may not take your fancy and that the "Groove Music Pass" subscription a bit tasteless, we strongly recommend you a "free music streaming" player for Windows 10 -5KPlayer, which plays almost all audio/video formats including MKA, WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC, ALAC, DTS, FLAC... Only 6 features are attractive enough to lure you in –7 surround sound support, online music (playlist) free download, YouTube to MP3 conversion, fast internet music radio connection, DVD/CD playback support, and AirPlay.

Designed specifically for Windows 10, this audio player guarantees peerless sound quality and free downloading & conversion experience for new & hot music videos from Dailymotion/VEVO (like download and convert Uptown Funk). It also enables you to directly free download MP3 music from SoundCloud and Audiomack etc for a local collection. Besides, you can tune in any internet music radio stations like the Music Radio, Heart FM, Kiss for a random music listening and play newly bought DVDs/CDs. 5KPlayer has AirPlay support, which allows you to connect Windows 10 PC with an AirPlay speaker for a more advanced and comprehensive auditory enjoyment. Free download this best audio player for Windows 10 now!

2. Groove Music – Microsoft Default Music Player for Windows 10

Reviving from the ashes of Xbox music and Zune music, this Windows 10 music player with subscription-based music streaming service is set as default music player for all Windows 10 OS by Microsoft. Can't tell any big flaws in this music player on Windows 10 - good GUI in general, nice idea of arranging music tracks, but this player still cannot replace WMP as a whole since many functions are missing there: music syncing, equalizer settings, playing speed setting etc. Also, the radio portion of Groove music needs improving, for example, the implementation of one station with seeds of multiple artists/albums/songs rather than single seeds on random.

3. Windows Media Player 12 – Classic Can-do Music Player for Windows 10

This is a classic and basic choice of music player for Windows 10 and 8.1/7 for playing local music, burning CDs, syncing & sharing music and shopping music online. It is blessed with more playback functions in comparison with Groove Music. You can customize WMP with optional add-ons for skins, visualizations, audio effects and DVD playback. For DVD playback in particular, note that you can get free Windows DVD Player downloaded automatically only if you upgrade to Windows 10 from editions of Windows 7/8 that includes Media Center. Otherwise, you'll have to purchase Windows DVD Player or other video music players that play DVDs/CDs.

4. MusicBee – Organizer's Choice of Music Player for Windows 10

Music receives HTTP and podcasting streaming protocols for sure and it can import iTunes and WMP libraries. It offers automatic library organization for those who want to well manage music, podcasts, audiobooks and radio stations scattering around. With the ability to play CD, MusicBee also makes up the missing function in Windows 10. Remember, this music player supports almost all audio formats except RealAudio.

5. Media Monkey 4 – Music Sharers' Choice of Music Player for Windows 10

The new Media Monkey can run from a USB stick and has added support for UPnP sharing to its existing iOS syncing and DLNA sharing features. MediaMonkey can even let you rip music from Audio CDs and burn music to CD/DVD on Windows 10. With rich plug-in support, Media Monkey can import Last.fm and show lyrics. It can even make use of add-ons like DSP, input, output, visualization plugins developed by Winamp. However, though MediaMokey (Standard) is free of charge, for more features, which may be provided free by MusicBee, you'll have to pay.

6. AIMP 3 – Unique RAM Music Player for Windows 10

Highly praised by both Softpedia and CNET, this Last.fm compatible music player version 3 also features an 18-band equalizer with built-in sound effects, adding support for ReplayGain and continues with its ability to record internet radio to WAV, Vorbis, AAC or MP3. It can also play media files of up to 250mb directly from RAM and plays ordinary CDs. Unfortunately, AIMP does not support container format like AVI, QuickTime, OGM, Matroska, FLV.

7. Foobar2000 – Excellent CD Music Player for Windows 10

Extremely lightweight and highly customizable footbar2000 highlights in playing CD optical discs as well as DVD-Audio and HDCD with its own plug-ins, elevating the CD playback enjoyment for all of us Windows 10 users. It also understands both HTTP and MMS streaming protocols as well as partial RTSP and podcasting protocols. It supports almost all audio format and even container formats including OGG, Matroska, MP4, and partial AVI. Very easy and handy to use.

8. VLC – Overall Powerful Music Player for Windows 10

For just playing local music or DVDs/CDs on Windows 10, the well-known VLC couldn't be a better choice for you. This open source video music player for Windows 10 is highly customizable with rich playback options and handles almost all audio/video formats: AAC, AC3, ALAC, AMR, DTS, DV Audio, XM, FLAC, etc.
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9. Spotify – Most Popular Streaming Music Player for Windows 10

Spotify today beats Pandora becoming the most popular music streaming service for Android and iOS users, and it also supports Windows 10 OS for their Spotify music listeners. With abundant music sources, radio support and download ability, this streaming music player for windows 10 will continue your music journey on laptop/desktops. The only thing that you should be aware of is that you may not able to play local music on Windows 10 running Enterprise N/KN with Spotify, unless you install the Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10.

10. Google Play Music – Phenomenal Streaming Music Player Windows 10

Nice and amazing Windows 10 music player app, Google Play Music(Songza) has got all the right music curated by music experts for your almost every activity –Christmas, Being Romantic, Focusing, Relaxing, Working out etc and for almost all kinds of moods (having sex, broken hearted, sad etc.). Google Play Music(Songza) is right choice for those who don't feel like sifting through lots of tracks to find the right playlist, nor like listening to tedious old songs. Though Songza music is now Google Play Music, officially it gurantees to provide the "same experience, same music choices, same music experts crafting your playlists". FYI, we also surprisingly find that 5KPlayer can actually get Songza(Google Play Music) songs free downloaded. Sadly, Songza cannot play local files, since it is technically a music streaming service.

How to Change Default Music Player on Windows 10 in 4 Steps

1. Click the "Settings" and go to "System";

2. Find the "Defalt apps" from the left hand pane;

3. Click the "Defalt apps" and scroll down to "Music Player";

4. Click on the box to select from the list of install music players for Windows 10;

Last recommendation: the reason why we put 5KPlayer in the first place of this best audio player Windows 10 list is based on mass music listeners' choice. 5KPlayer is very handy in term of music MP4/MP3 download and YouTube to MP3 conversion as well as internet radio music tuning in from tons of internet radio stations. Its univeral music playback ability and basic functions consume little of your CPU and are enough to create a rhythmic day everyday.

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