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How to Play MP4 Files on Windows/Mac [Solved]

Can't play MP4 videos on Windows/Mac? Well, it is often the case that you find the most commonly used format MP4 is fond of playing hard to get and tantalizing your eyes when you try to "undress" them. No worries, you just need some technical supports here on how to play MP4 files on Windows and Mac.

How to Open MP4 Files on Windows and Mac?

5KPlayer would be a great and direct solution for you to play MP4 videos on both Windows XP/Vista/8/10 and Mac os Sierra/Yousemite. It supports decoding almost all codecs contained in MP4 including H.264, H.265, MPEG-4, DivX, VP9, etc. and plays MP4 video in 720P, 1080P, 4k UHD as well as 3D/2D movies. Download and give it a try!

How to Play MP4 Files on Windows/Mac

What is A MP4 File, How to Play It?

What is a MP4 file? Generally speaking, MP4 is a multimedia file extension and a container format which consists of many parts like audio/video codecs, subtitles, and the core point of which is those codecs contained. So if you can't open a MP4 file, the main responsibility may go to those codecs.
Therefore, before we move on to codecs solutions make sure that the file is not fake or corrupted, because you can't play a fake or corrupted mp4 file in any media player on any platform, but a genuine a genuine MP4 player can help.

How to Play MP4 Files on Windows/Mac

Here, VLC player is our top recommendation to tackle how to play MP4 files on both Windows and Mac, but, sometimes the won't-play-problem also exits! Therefore, follow the steps below to eliminate possible causes.

I. Check the output mode settings to play MP4 files
*Go to the video setting in the preferences
*Check the box for Enable Video
*Check the box for Window Decorations
*Set the Output drop-down menu to X11 video output (XCB).
Save the above settings, restart VLC. See if this approach can help play MP4 files on windows and Mac.

II. Download VLC codec packs from its official website to play MP4 videos

How to Play MP4 Files

III. VLC alternative-5KPlayer
If you still can't play the MP4 videos on Windows/Mac, 5KPlayer can be a time saving short cut to help you get the playback. This alternative can play any videos (MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, AVCHD, MKV, FLV, etc.) without additional codec packs and plays 4K/5K/8K UHD movies smoothly and losslessly.

How to Play MP4 Files on Windows(10/8.1/7)

Windows media player is most recommended here for you to play MP4 files on Windows 8/7, since it is the best on that understands Windows system. If you meet any obstacles in playing MP4 videos on Windows 8.1/7, just try the following remedies.

I. Update to Ver. 12 to play MP4 videos
For Windows users who commonly use Windows Media Player, may know very well that WMP does not support MP4 files aboriginally. However, things are changing and the good news is that now you can upgrade the player to version 12 which natively supports MP4 files, yet requiring Windows 7 and above.

II. Download codecs to open MP4 files
Since MP4 can contain a number of video audio codecs and subtitles streams, if those codecs are WMP incompatible, the whole file will fail to play. Download newly released codec package for WMP and see if this approach works.

III. Convert the MP4 file into WMP supported format to play
However, there is the odd mp4 file (containing odd codecs) that still won't open. If it does not have to be a MP4 file to be played, you can resort to a video converter software for Windows to help you convert the MP4 file into MKV, AVI files for your WMP. But if you somehow requires MP4 format, you may have to find a more compatible MP4 player.

However, for those who has upgraded the OS to Windows 10 and need a free MP4 media player, we suggest you todownload and use 5KPlayer instead of paying $15 for just a Microsoft Media Player.
5KPlayer offers the best solution on how to play MP4 movies, videos on windows PC. It is compatible with XP, Vista, windows 7/8/10, and has a built-in format-converting function.

How to Play MP4 Files Ultimate Guide - The Most All-round Discussion on MP4 Playback

The most comprehensive guide on how to choose MP4 player, how to play MP4 on various occasions & platforms, how to download MP4, how to convert MP4. All about MP4 playback and more.

How to Play MP4 Files on Mac

QuickTime is also most recommended here to help you play MP4 files on Mac. (iTune is considered better for CDs.) Then, if you encounter MP4 not-playing problem with this media player, try the following measurements.

I. Purchase the QT 7 Pro to play MP4 movies
Note that there are several formats that use the ".mp4" file extension, including at least one that is proprietary to Microsoft, that have not been ported to Mac. QT 7pro is powerful enough to deal with this, but at a certain cost - $29.99!

II. Download codecs to play MP4 movies
You can also find QT compatible codec pack for Mac on the web.

III. Convert the MP4 file into other QT compatible formats
In this case you'll also need a video converter software Mac to convert the file into MOV, M4V.

But, if you just need to play the video any way you can, and don't specifically need it in QuickTime, you can try the free MP4 player 5KPlayer which supports more formats with more codecs: MOV, M4V, MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV…

How to Open and Play Mp4 Video Files on Windows/Mac?

If you encounter something that won't play, try 5KPlayer!

Step 1. Download 5KPlayer to play MP4 files on Windows/Mac.

Step 2. Load the MP4 files to play on PC/Mac by using one of the ways below:

* Drag & drop MP4 file to the main window of the MP4 player;
* Click "Video" to add MP4 file for playback on PC/Mac;
* Right click on target MP4 file, click "Open with" option and then select "5KPlayer".

And then you can enjoy movie/music right away. You can also switch audio tracks, change aspect ratio, manage your downloaded videos, and insert subtitles and so much more.

How to Play MP4 Files 5KPlayer

Note: Note: As a powerful video music player, playing MP4 videos on Windows/Mac is just a basic function of 5KPlayer. It is an iMac 5K player that plays almost all file formats and online radios with robust editing functions that await you to explore.

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