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Top 10 Best Free MKV Players for Windows 10 Free Download

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Though Windows 10 has added native support for MKV, some users still complain that they can't play MKV videos on Windows 10 properly. Tried downloading Windows 10 MKV Zip file and many MKV third party codecs, yet ended up in failure? Maybe you just need an entirely free new Windows 10 MKV player! Save all the craps and directly jump in the top 10 list of free MKV players Windows 10 bandwagon.

No. 10 Simplest MKV Player for Windows 10 – MKV player

This media player might be way too simple in UI and functionality with support for only MKV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP3, MP4 formats. However, as it is named MKV player, we might as well want to give it a go for the matter of MKV playback on Windows 10.

No. 9 Easy to Use & Flexible MKV Player for Windows 10 – Divx

Divx software includes a Divx player and a Divx converter. This combination makes the whole compact a good choice for MKV playback on Windows 10. Divx player supports MKV FLV files, but if anything happens to MKV playback, its converter can convert MKV into MP4/DivX or other formats and plays it smoothly. You can also convert MKV to MP3 if you like.

No. 8 Any Format (MKV) Player for Windows 10 – AllPlayer

As its name suggests, ALLPlayer plays almost any format including MKV. ALLPlayer is ideal for playing stubborn MKV video files in particular. AllPlayer also plays torrents by directly drag'n drop torrent file. However, be aware that ALLPlayer is based on DirectX which is flagrant for being a backdoor for trojans and other malware.

No. 7 Open Source MKV Player for Windows 10 – VLC

VLC works well directly out of the box when you do not fancy tweaking your MKV video playbacks. This MKV player on Windows shines in built-in hardware acceleration feature that claims to play high-def vids a bit smoother than average competence of other players. However, instead of living up to its tagline of UHD 4K flagship-performance, what we find is that it actually skips frames when playing 4K files. If you insist on using VLC to playback MKV yet run into trouble, click to learn how to solve VLC not playing MKV and 4K videos?

No. 6 Automatic MKV Codec Searching Player for Windows 10 – GOM Media player

The trick that makes GOM a great MKV player for Windows 10 is its automatic codec search feature. In case that you encounter a MKV file that needs bizarre or unusual codec to open, this player will instantly search for the corresponding/appropriate codec online as in a way to shoot MKV codec problems directly. GOM is good at solving issues concerning MKV codecs and other format codecs.

No. 5 Windows 10 MKV Player with Best Video/Audio Support – MPC-HC/BE

It's highly surprising that MPC-HC actually whips VLC in both MKV video and audio support. This free MKV player is more responsive to audio track switching and plays MKV HEVC (x.265) files/4K flawlessly. You can enable frame doubling in MPC to get double the frame rate for smoothier motion.

No. 4 Customizable, Light & Powerful MKV Player for Windows 10 – Kmplayer

With support for MKV, WMV and other file formats, this lightweight Windows 10 MKV player features more in visualizations, plugin-ins and playback option. Its advanced processing tools allow you to sharpen MKV video image properties and apply filters etc.

No. 3 Intelligent MKV Player for Windows 10 – SMPlayer

This Windows 10 MKV video player truly remembers every tweak done for each individual MKV/AVI/FLV video file you play. Its inbuilt subtitle search engine is supported by OpenSubtitle database for as many languages you want (How to add MKV subtitles). Highly configurable, this player is originally the best player for all Windows OS.

No. 2 Impressive MKV Player for Windows 10 – Potplayer

Supports OpenCodecs and installs extra codec packs automatically. Potplayer also plays incomplete and damaged MKV files by skipping the damaged frames. This widows 10 MKV player has robust subtitle support for SAA, ASSA and embedded subtitles in MKV, MP4, MOV, and 3GP. With nice interface, lightweight and tons of advanced features, Potplayer is generally a better Windows 10 set-up than any other free MKV players in terms of quality of features.

Best MKV Player Windows 10 5KPlayer

No. 1 Best Free MKV Player for Windows 10 Free Download

5KPlayer, the best free MKV video player, is highly praised by editors from Softpedia, TheWindowsClub, CultofMac etc for its fascinating performance & quick response on Windows 10 OS, incredible 4K/8K UHD image rendering ability, all-format support and feature-rich editing functions with AirPlay tech woven in.

Best MKV Player for Windows 10 Verdict

Among all the listed best MKV players for Windows 10 above, 5KPlayer stands out to be the most innovative one with 3 astonishing abilities - 4K/8K UHD video playback, online music/video download, AirPlay compatibility. It supports high-res video codecs like H.264/H.265 and free downloads & plays SD, HD, UHD, FUHD videos even directly on your big HDTV screen with 5.1 surround sound support to cooperate with your home cinema facilities. (How to Play MKV Files on PC Windows 10 with 5KPlayer? See the Detailed Steps->>)

* As the best free Windows 10 MKV player, 5KPlayer can not only playback MKV files, but also MP4 WMV AVI videos and more. It supports 3D MKV movies and even 360 degree 4K VR videos playback on your Windows 10/Mac. Free download 5KPlayer now to get quality MKV files playback at once!

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