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NO.2 video player Softonic download count

DearMob's 5KPlayer Takes Video Player Softonic Download NO.2, Second Only To VLC

According to Softonic latest data, the tried-and-true 5KPlayer Windows version from DearMob Inc now has NO.2 video player Softonic download count in the United States, and the NO.3 worldwide. Embracing a monthly download of 200 thousand units, this free media player for Windows 10 and Mac El Capitan now obtains its installation count tenfold compared to release time.

5KPlayer is a free multimedia player on Windows 10 and Mac El Capitan featuring 4K HD video download and play. With abundant high-quality functions alongside HD display, 5KPlayer lives up to expectations of its committed customers in terms of usability. It takes 5 months to overtake a number of big name media players like RealPlayer, Gom Media Player in Video Player Softonic download chart, and ranks second only to VLC Player now. For users hesitating whether 5KPlayer can work as an eligible VLC alternative, product manager of DearMob, Huston Xu replied positively,

"If you can't resist the latest digital widgets and want to be the first to get a fresh bite, then it's reasonable to opt for 5KPlayer: We have an innovative team to tackle digital chic in a user-friendly way, which also explains why 5KPlayer can reach video player Softonic download NO.2. "

This Windows 10 video music player, configuring itself with 4K HD video codecs to player H.264 videos and H.265 videos, is leading the pack among spearheaded users without placing high demand on their CPU. In the bandwagon of H.264 video playback, 5KPlayer makes a fast and mature response based on its earlier experience with video codecs like MTS, MOV, VOB, etc. When video sharing websites extensively provide 4K content online, which is widely encoded in H.264 and H.265 streaming, a free 4K player and downloader 2-in-1 like 5KPlayer has every reason to be a new favorite when 1080p or 720p can no longer whet the appetite.

As a multi-purpose video music player on Windows 10, 5KPlayer perceives that urgent user demand will include DVD playback, capability to play 4K and play 8K videos on Windows 10, and a quick scale-up of codecs. Hence in its July's overall free upgrade according to Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Windows 10 PCs, the software not only compensated for the absent DVD player, but also dished out dozens of Windows 10 new tricks to users, including how to play DVD on Windows 10, MKV, H.264, as well as AirPlay from Windows 10, quite surpassing the anticipation of Windows PC and mobile users.

Turning digital buzzwords into reality at first shot, 5KPlayer has been striving to bring convenience to the fingertip of cutting-edge media mogul. The NO.2 video player Softonic download rate fully testified its effort in doing so. Looking from the year end, 2015 sees 5KPlayer's overall upgrade to be a reliable media player on Windows 10, featuring H.264 and H.265 video compatibility and other state-of-the-art functions at one stroke. In 2016, the software will continue to make enhancement according to upsurging multimedia technologies swiftly.

About DearMob Inc.

DearMob, Inc. is a promising mobile software developing company with the ultimate goal of giving users full-featured mobile tools for free. It strives to create useful software compatible with different platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Its product lines currently involve in new-generation multimedia playing, music video streaming and downloading and multi-screen video playback, and will extend to the use extension of mobile apps, mobile antivirus solution, file manager and backup solution for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. For more information about the company, please visit: http://www.5kplayer.com

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