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Supported Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (32 / 64bit), 8 (32 / 64bit), Windows 7 (32 / 64bit), Vista (32 / 64bit), XP SP2 or higher(32 / 64bit)

macOS Sierra 10.12, Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10, Mavericks 10.9, MountainLion 10.8, Lion 10.7, Snow Leopard 10.6

Version History:




Update 5KPlayer - Mac:

Improved: The compatibility with NEW YouTube update;

Fixed: The problem of not analyzing NEW YouTube URL.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows:

Improvement of User Experience:

● Added multithread mode on YouTube analyzing and downloading to spare extra IRQ and DMA.

  • ● Changed subtitles to be automatically loaded in initialized settings.
  • ● Hide control bar in full-screen playback mode.
  • ● Added support for more registration email formats.


VOC and Bug Fixes

● Fixed YouTube downloading related errors.

  • ● Fixed a crush error in program installation process.
  • ● Fixed an error related to audio image.
  • ● Modify control bar to disappear if no actions has been made in 2.5-sec during the playback.

Update 5KPlayer - Windows:

Enhanced Playback Performance:

● Added video content playback in DXVA2 H/W acceleration;

- CPU demand is much lower when playback HEVC, MPEG4, H.264/4K video.

● Extended sound volume to 120 Maximum;

● Added audio channel mode (Stereo, RStereo, Left, Right, Dolbys);


Improvement of Function:

● Provide video preview for accurate playback location when cursor on progress bar;

● Long press of right arrow button can now skipping playback time quickly;

● Added subtitle analyzing and MP3 audio support for YouTube downloading;

● Added multi-tasks URL analyzing and video downloading;

● Added breatpoint resumption download;

● Replaced 5KPlayer auto associate to all video/music file with user-customized;

● Screenshots button added to playback control panel;

- Left click to capture screen, right click to open screenshots library.

● Removed AirPlay playback feature;

- AirPlay mirroring feature is still here, we'll provide better function in the future.

● Removed Bonjour service auto downloading with 5KPlayer setup;

- We offered a download link on AirPlay window.


Other miscellaneous fixes and changes:

● Playback mode option is moved to playback control panel;

● Redesigned DVD interface;

● Click Music on the main interface will be redirect to Music catalog under Library;

● AirPlay related settings are moved to AirPlay under 5KPlayer's main interface;

● Modified Network module to Live, redesigned Live interface.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows: (Support AirPlay Streaming)Added: Support for new Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Update Build 15063).


Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:Fixed: The problem of mirroring iPhone screen to Windows in iOS 10.2;

  • Improved the compatibility of iOS 10.2 iPhone iPad AirPlay mirroring to Mac;

Fixed: The playback problem of 4K videos recorded by iPhone.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:Improved: The overall AirPlay performance from iPhone 7/7 Plus to Windows;

Improved the overall compatibility with macOS Sierra;
Fixed: The problem of iOS 10.1 mirror no sound.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:

Improved: Overall AirPlay performance for iOS 9 devices;
Fixed: Video music AirPlay problem from iOS 9.1/9.2/9.3 to Windows/Mac;
Fixed: Screen mirroring from iPhone/iPad;
Fixed: iPhone (SE/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus)/iPad (mini/Pro/Air) screen recording.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:

Improved: The effectiveness of 4K 8K UHD videos download and playback.

Fixed the fail problem of YouTube download MP4 files;

Improved AirPlay from Mac to Apple tvOS 9.2.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Improved: The efficiency of analyzing YouTube links and downloading YouTube videos;
Improved: AirPlay from Windows to Apple tvOS 9.2;
Fixed: The sound problem when downloading some YouTube videos;
Fixed: The new encryption problem of YouTube download.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Added: Japanese version of software update log;
Improved: The playback module to solve software stuck problem when playing videos;
Fixed: The problem of language list not in line with subtitle list when switching DVD titles;
Fixed: The problem of playback window getting transparent and control bar stretching out when auto start with computer.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:Improved: Overall video playback with uplifted color saturation;
Improved: YouTube download module for H.264, H.265 videos;
Improved: AirPlay from Windows 10 to Apple TV function.

Added: Japanese version of software UI;


Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Improved: The operation stability on Windows 10;
Improved: The converting speed from MP4 to MP3, AAC.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Improved: The CPU utility of this software on computer;
Improved: The Bonjour module for AirPlay to avoid Apple TV not being recognized by some devices;
Fixed: The remains of context menu after the software is uninstalled on Windows 8/8.1/10.


Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Improved YouTube download upgrade process;
Improved operation stability on Mac El Capitan;
Fixed other minor bugs.


Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Improved YouTube downloading module by allowing optional HTTP/HTTPS proxy;
Improved operation stability.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Added: The external subtitle formats supported, including .ass, .json, .aqt and .sub;
Improved: Multi-screen display;
Fixed: The problem that software can't run due to config file exception;
Fixed: The download problems in YouTube videos with non-English letter in download path.


Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Added AirPlay Mirroring function to mirror iOS device/Mac screen;
Added screen recording function of iOS device/Mac based on AirPlay Mirroring;
Improved the YouTube downloading module for analysing newly supported sites;
Improved software overall performance in this major upgrade.


Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Fixed: File selection window not opening in Windows XP;
Fixed: AirPlay music cover not updating;
Fixed: Some MOV files not playing issue;
Fixed: Unreadable code display problem of external subtitles.


Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Improved operation stability;
Fixed other minor bugs.


Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Fixed unreadable code display problem of external subtitles.

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