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Supported Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (32 / 64bit), 8 (32 / 64bit), Windows 7 (32 / 64bit), Vista (32 / 64bit), XP SP2 or higher(32 / 64bit)

macOS High Sierra 10.13, Sierra 10.12, Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10, Mavericks 10.9, MountainLion 10.8, Lion 10.7, Snow Leopard 10.6

Version History:




Update 5KPlayer - Windows:

Improvement of function:

  • Added 7 playback speed options (2x/1.5x/1.2x/1x/0.8x/0.7x/0.5x) in the right click menu.
  • Optimized the audio & subtitle track synchronization time in milliseconds.
  • Improved the loading and settings of subtitles: 1. Apply subtitle in the video by dropping the file into the playback window; 2. All changes of subtitle settings update immediately without rebooting the software.
  • Added in the Library is a control that allows you to change music playback settings.
  • Enhanced video renderer and video output settings.
  • Added video audio file filter in custom playlist.

    User feedback and bug fixes:

  • Added display of filename when playing the video.
  • Removed screen saver ban when playing audio.
  • Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes.
  • 5.1

    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:

    Major Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the problem of software freezing and crashing after updated to 5.0.
  • 4.9.1

    Update 5KPlayer - Mac:

    FIFA World Cup 2018 Special Edition:

  • Feature: Recommend today's FIFA World Cup 2018 best videos.
  • Improved: Overall performance on macOS 10.14 Mojave (Beta).
  • Improved: Utility of AirPlay mirroring iOS 12 (Beta) to macOS Mojave (Beta).
  • Bonus: Upgrade to get DearMob iPhone Manager giveaway - transfer FIFA matches from Mac to iPhone.
  • 5.0

    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:

    New Features:

  • Add DLNA-Certified Media Streaming, turn your PC as a:
  • - DLNA controller: stream media wirelessly from your PC to DLNA-compatible devices, play media on TV, Xbox, PS4, etc.

    - DLNA server: enable media sharing, other DLNA-compatible device can access and play media in 5KPlayer's DLNA Share List.

    - DLNA renderer: receive and play media beamed from Android and other DLNA server.


    Improvement of Function:

  • Extended support for Non-standard subtitles encoding.
  • Improved file association rules, significantly reduced numbers of interruptions for better user experience.

    Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the problem that software crashes for AirPlay mirroring on iOS 11.3 and later.
  • Some other error fixes.
  • 4.9

    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:


    1. Improved DXVA2, QSV, NVIDIA H/W acceleration performance.

    2. FFMPEG Upgrade - upgrade the default built-in codec performance.

    3. Optimized the Settings interface and replaced some uncertain terms with intuitive terms.


    VOC and Bug fixes:

    1. Interface bounce back to the screen automatically when dragging the window to the screen edge.

    2. Miscellaneous corrections and changes.

    3. Fixed the bug when mirror iOS11.3 device to computer.


    Update 5KPlayer - Mac:

    Added: YouTube to MP3 directly download.

    Improved: The compatibility of YouTube new update.

    Improved: Overall performance in iOS 11.3 iPhone iPad AirPlay mirroring to Mac.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:

    Enhanced Playback Performance:

    1. Added QSV, NVIDIA H/W decoding regarding H.264 videos, reduced CPU usage when playback H.264 videos.

    2. Added video ratio options.

    3. Enhanced the support for subtitle auto matching.


    Function Improvements:

    1. Added DVD disk file opening modes, now supporting opening with UDF and ISO.

    2. Improved video preview efficiency.

    3. Optimized Library center, less time needed to load Library data than before.


    VOC and Bug Fixes:

    1. Fixed large video rotating problem.

    2. Other bug fixes.


    Update 5KPlayer - Mac:

    Improved: The compatibility with NEW YouTube update;

    Fixed: The problem of not analyzing NEW YouTube URL.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:

    Improvement of User Experience:

    ● Added multithread mode on YouTube analyzing and downloading to make full use of hardware resource.

    • ● Changed subtitles to be automatically loaded in initialized settings.
    • ● Hide control bar in full-screen playback mode.
    • ● Added support for more registration email formats.


    VOC and Bug Fixes

    ● Fixed YouTube downloading related errors.

    • ● Fixed a crush error in program installation process.
    • ● Fixed an error related to audio image.
    • ● Modify control bar to disappear if no actions has been made in 2.5-sec during the playback.

    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:

    Enhanced Playback Performance:

    ● Added video content playback in DXVA2 H/W acceleration;

    - CPU demand is much lower when playback HEVC, MPEG4, H.264/4K video.

    ● Extended sound volume to 120 Maximum;

    ● Added audio channel mode (Stereo, RStereo, Left, Right, Dolbys);


    Improvement of Function:

    ● Provide video preview for accurate playback location when cursor on progress bar;

    ● Long press of right arrow button can now skipping playback time quickly;

    ● Added subtitle analyzing and MP3 audio support for YouTube downloading;

    ● Added multi-tasks URL analyzing and video downloading;

    ● Added breatpoint resumption download;

    ● Replaced 5KPlayer auto associate to all video/music file with user-customized;

    ● Screenshots button added to playback control panel;

    - Left click to capture screen, right click to open screenshots library.

    ● Removed AirPlay playback feature;

    - AirPlay mirroring feature is still here, we'll provide better function in the future.

    ● Removed Bonjour service auto downloading with 5KPlayer setup;

    - We offered a download link on AirPlay window.


    Other miscellaneous fixes and changes:

    ● Playback mode option is moved to playback control panel;

    ● Redesigned DVD interface;

    ● Click Music on the main interface will be redirect to Music catalog under Library;

    ● AirPlay related settings are moved to AirPlay under 5KPlayer's main interface;

    ● Modified Network module to Live, redesigned Live interface.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows: (Support AirPlay Streaming)Added: Support for new Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Update Build 15063).


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:Fixed: The problem of mirroring iPhone screen to Windows in iOS 10.2;

    • Improved the compatibility of iOS 10.2 iPhone iPad AirPlay mirroring to Mac;

    Fixed: The playback problem of 4K videos recorded by iPhone.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:Improved: The overall AirPlay performance from iPhone 7/7 Plus to Windows;

    Improved the overall compatibility with macOS Sierra;
    Fixed: The problem of iOS 10.1 mirror no sound.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:

    Improved: Overall AirPlay performance for iOS 9 devices;
    Fixed: Video music AirPlay problem from iOS 9.1/9.2/9.3 to Windows/Mac;
    Fixed: Screen mirroring from iPhone/iPad;
    Fixed: iPhone (SE/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus)/iPad (mini/Pro/Air) screen recording.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:

    Improved: The effectiveness of 4K 8K UHD videos download and playback.

    Fixed the fail problem of YouTube download MP4 files;

    Improved AirPlay from Mac to Apple tvOS 9.2.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Improved: The efficiency of analyzing YouTube links and downloading YouTube videos;
    Improved: AirPlay from Windows to Apple tvOS 9.2;
    Fixed: The sound problem when downloading some YouTube videos;
    Fixed: The new encryption problem of YouTube download.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Added: Japanese version of software update log;
    Improved: The playback module to solve software stuck problem when playing videos;
    Fixed: The problem of language list not in line with subtitle list when switching DVD titles;
    Fixed: The problem of playback window getting transparent and control bar stretching out when auto start with computer.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows & Mac:Improved: Overall video playback with uplifted color saturation;
    Improved: YouTube download module for H.264, H.265 videos;
    Improved: AirPlay from Windows 10 to Apple TV function.

    Added: Japanese version of software UI;


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Improved: The operation stability on Windows 10;
    Improved: The converting speed from MP4 to MP3, AAC.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Improved: The CPU utility of this software on computer;
    Improved: The Bonjour module for AirPlay to avoid Apple TV not being recognized by some devices;
    Fixed: The remains of context menu after the software is uninstalled on Windows 8/8.1/10.


    Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Improved YouTube download upgrade process;
    Improved operation stability on Mac El Capitan;
    Fixed other minor bugs.


    Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Improved YouTube downloading module by allowing optional HTTP/HTTPS proxy;
    Improved operation stability.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Added: The external subtitle formats supported, including .ass, .json, .aqt and .sub;
    Improved: Multi-screen display;
    Fixed: The problem that software can't run due to config file exception;
    Fixed: The download problems in YouTube videos with non-English letter in download path.


    Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Added AirPlay Mirroring function to mirror iOS device/Mac screen;
    Added screen recording function of iOS device/Mac based on AirPlay Mirroring;
    Improved the YouTube downloading module for analysing newly supported sites;
    Improved software overall performance in this major upgrade.


    Update 5KPlayer - Windows:Fixed: File selection window not opening in Windows XP;
    Fixed: AirPlay music cover not updating;
    Fixed: Some MOV files not playing issue;
    Fixed: Unreadable code display problem of external subtitles.


    Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Improved operation stability;
    Fixed other minor bugs.


    Update 5KPlayer - Mac:Fixed unreadable code display problem of external subtitles.

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