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Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: August 05, 2019

As we are within spitting distance of Christmas, it's about time to start a preparation ahead of time. How about a family gathering together night to watch Star Wars 7 movie or Spiderman Homecoming in 4K Ultra HD quality? You'll need a true 4K media player for that matter. And here, we'll introduce you 4 amazing 4K media players for both Mac and Windows.

Top-Notch 4K Media Player Leading Brand –5KPlayer

When it comes to HD video processing, the first must-have 4K media player software in mind should be 5KPlayer, for this 8K/4K exclusive video player sets a sky-high imagery milestone with its superb 4K/8K rendering ability, supporting HEVC playback, H.264/H.265 codecs and hardware decoding. Free download 5KPlayer to get a blow in the eyes.

4K Media Player

Divx 4K Media Player - High-quality Video Playback Up to 4K

DivX 4K Player offers free HEVC playback, including Ultra HD (4K). It is also optimized for movies, TV shows and web video clips in the Internet's most popular formats, including AVI, DIVX, MKV, MP4 and more. Its built-in DivX Media Server lets you stream videos/music/photos to Chromecast any DLNA-compatible device in your home, like the PS3, Xbox or Samsung Galaxy line of products.

No. 4 4K Media Player DivX

4K media player 5KPlayer is the choice of professional HD/Ultra HD video-philes'. It can lead you through the threshold of 4K/8K media files and catch the whole lot of HD videos in whatever form of being, letting you appreciate and even own any 4K video/movie you are fond of. Remember, 4K video playback ability still differs greatly from 4K specialty, and 5KPlayer is exactly the 4K expert you can count on.

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