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Top Free MP3 Players Review:Play MP3/FLAC Music

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Windows 10's first big update just took place! Surely it gains a lot more users to update their PC to Windows 10 OS. For music enthusiats, this causes a strong demand for MP3 player as they ought to find the best MP3 music player that suits Windows 10 the most. Still sniffing around the best music player for Windows 10? No worries, here below is a detailed review of the best 3 free desktop MP3 player for Windows 10, read this top 3 free MP3 players review and to free download either of MP3 players to play music on your Windows 10 and Mac.

Second to None MP3 Player Free Download for Windows 10 and Mac

5KPlayer is the best free MP3 player on Windows 10/Mac which supports multichannel audio at both low bitrate and high bitrate, and this incredible Mac/Windows 10 music player is also capable of playing 4K resolution video songs on Windows 10 and Mac OS X with no hassle.

Best Free MP3 Players Reviews

Listening to music is probably the best way to entertainment yourself, no matter you want to work out or just relax. And right now the most commonly used music format is MP3, not only because it compressed the audio file to a comparatively smaller size, but also because MP3 is compatible with the most of music player devices. But if you want to bring out the best of a piece of MP3 music, a speaker box or earphones are far from enough, you need an excellent MP3 music player as well.

To review MP3 players, you shoud pay attention to the following aspects:

▼ Does this MP3 player comes with the features and functions you need?
▼Is this MP3 easy to use? The user interface is intuitive or not?
▼ Does this MP3 player support other music formats like AAC, FLAC, M4A, etc. other than MP3?
▼ Is this MP3 free of charge and 100% safe?
▼ Can this MP3 player manage your music files easily?

Top 3 Free MP3 Players for Windows 10/Mac Catalina Review

The free MP3 players that are reviewed here including 5KPlayer, Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player.

5KPlayer – Top Windows 10 Video Player Specialized for Playing More Video Format & HEVC/AVC Videos

5KPlayer is the MP3 player for Windows 10 and Mac El Capitan that can not only play music in MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, etc. but also easily manage and organize music files on Windows 10 to your preference. It is a smart MP3 music player which creates music library, distinguishes music playlist, and favors songs by marking red heart. Better still, this MP3 music player for Windows and Mac has various playing modes such as single, order, circulation and random mode.
What makes 5KPlayer the best Windows music player is that it provides limitless music resource by downloading free music MP3 FLAC MP4 from Vevo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and so on.


How to Play MP3 Music with the Best MP3 Player Software?

After reviewing the MP3 players, we'll take 5KPlayer as an example to show you how to easily play MP3 music files on PC.

Step 1. Download, install and launch 5KPlayer- the best free MP3 player for Mac El Captitan/Windows 10.

Step 2. Select an MP3 file. You can load MP3 music simply by clicking "Music" on the main interface. This MP3 player can automatically locate the music folder spontaneously for you. Alternatively, you can add MP3 music for playback by right clicking the specific music file and then navigate to choose to open with 5KPlayer.

When the music is been playing, you are free to choose to pause, fast forward the playback process and most amazingly, you can choose to AirPlay the music file to Apple TV or AirPlay speakers.

 Free MP3 Player

Note: In addition to play MP3 AAC FLAC music, 5KPlayer is also a powerful video music player featuring playing videos in any format, like freely playing 4K video, playing MKV video, flash video, AVI, WMV, and so on. Moreover, the built-in AirPlay feature can help stream MP3 music and MP4 MOV M4V video from iPhone/iPad/iPod to Mac/PC and from Mac/PC to Apple TV, AirPlay-enabled speakers, etc. What the most important is that this MP3 player can download limitless MP3 AAC music resource for playing.

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