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QuickTime for Windows 10 Download & Install Guide

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Are you trying to install QuickTime for Windows 10, but halted by a message telling the prevention of the installation of QuickTime for Windows 10? Since Apple had announced that it won't offer updates for QuickTime player on Windows, you can notice that Apple only list Windows Vista and Windows 7 in the QuickTime download page, and you are no longer able to install QuickTime v7.7.9 on Windows 10. How to install QuickTime player for Windows 10? Here is the guide.

QuickTime Alternative Windows 10 Download for Windows 10/8/7/Vista

5KPlayer, the best free QuickTime alternative for Windows 10, is your best choice to play any HD 1080p AVI MKV WMV MP3 AAC etc files on Windows 10/8/7/Vista as well as Mac OS without hassle. It will strengthen itself all the time to be comaptible with the latest Windows OS and Mac OS that will avoid you from cannot install QuickTime Windows 10/Mac - error 2894 problem.

QuickTime Alternative Windows 10

QuickTime for Windows 10 Download & Install Guide

Solution 1. Install the Older Version of QuickTime: v7.7.6

If you want to install the latest QuickTime v7.7.9 for Windows 10, you will see an alert message showing "QuickTime 7 requires that your computer is running Windows Vista or Windows 7". Under the circumstance, you can try QuickTime 7.6 for Windows 10 instead.

Solution 2. Install the latest QuickTime v7.7.9 for Windows 10

Download the latest QuickTimeInstaller.exe from the official QuickTime for Windows 10 page, or google it to download. (The QuickTimeInstaller.exe will be saved in your frequently-used folder like C:\QT, you can also create a specific for preference.)

Open the folder, right-click the QuickTimeInstaller.exe and choose "Extract here". If you can't extract the installation file, you can download and install WinRAR or 7Zip to have a try.

Now, you should have a folder that looks something like this, under C:\QT or whichever folder you create.

QuickTime for Windows 10

Install the easy prerequisites:

*Double-click the AppleSoftsUpdate.msi file and click "OK", "I accept" etc. until the install finishes.
*Do the same with ApplicationSupport.msi.
*Just ignore the file called QuickTimeInstallerAdmin.exe as we won't need it.

Right-click the QuickTime.msi file inside the folder you extracted the QuickTimeInstaller.exe file to earlier.

a. Select "Troubleshoot compatibility"

QuickTime for Windows 10

b. Wait for the wizard to scan the QuickTime.msi file for possible culprits (which we already know to be the Windows version check).

QuickTime for Windows 10

c. It should say that it has applied a "Skip Version Check" workaround to enable the QuickTime.msi installer to run.
d. Click "Test the program" and run the installation. Then click "Next" and finish the installation.
e. If it worked without error, you're now done! If not, or if all else fails, continue to refer to point 6 to point 10.

Download this TRANSFORM file and extract it to the same folder. We will use this file to temporarily remove the OS checks preventing the installation.

Click the Windows icon or Search icon and search CMD. Right-click the Command Prompt shortcut/icon and choose Run as administrator.

QuickTime for Windows 10

Type the following command and hit ENTER:
msiexec /i QuickTime.msi /qn TRANSFORMS=FIX.mst ALLUSERS=1 /log C:\QT\install.log

Installation shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

Note: A log file called install.log will be created in the C:\QT folder, which should end with something along the lines of "Return code 0". If not, and QuickTime wasn't installed, you may look in this file for any possible error codes (opens fine in Notepad or WordPad). Alternatively, you will need to download and install the older version QuickTime v7.7.6.

[Notice: The soultion 2 for installing QuickTime for Windows 10 is based on Tommy Stephansen's post on TommyNation.]

Obviously, it is quite complicated that installing QuickTime player v7.7.9 on Windows 10. To make it easier, you can try QuickTime alternative Windows 10 player 5KPlayer to play any 8K 4K HD 1080p 720p AVI SWF MKV DivX MPEG MP3 AAC etc video music smoothly. It is comprehensive that it is a QuickTime alternative for Windows 10/8/7 as well as media player for macOS Catalina/Mac OS X. This QuickTime alternative Windows 10 player is also a considerate helper to solve QuickTime not playing MP4 problem effectively.

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