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Is 5KPlayer Safe to Use – Free Download 100% Clean 5KPlayer

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

- "Is 5KPlayer safe?"

- "Is 5KPlayer any good?"

5KPlayer is a safe player which is free from any virus, malware or spayware, no annoying ads, no third party plug-ins and more importantly is this free 5KPlayer is good enough to support more helpful features: playing HD video/music, AirPlay streaming and free downloading online video and music. Now let's find out is this free media player software 5KPlayer safe to use on both Mac and Windows.

Is 5KPlayer Safe, Free and Clean? – Absolutely YES

5Kplayer is a safe media player freeware which is not only Ads free and bug free, but also works perfectly on Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Mac OS X/High Sierra to download, play and stream music and HD/UHD videos without creating any virus, malware, or forcing extensions on your browser.

5KPlayer is Safe to Use

5KPlayer is 100% Safe and Legal to Play/Download/Stream Music and Video

According to Google Safe Browsing Diagnosis, the current listing status for 5kplayer.com is safe and of all the pages Google tested on 5kplayer.com, 0 pages resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed, malicious software has never been hosted and suspicious content was never found on 5kplayer.com. As the very software recommended on 5kplayer.com, 5KPlayer is safe and has never acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware.

According to 5KPlayer user comments, no complaint saying so far that 5KPlayer is unsafe.

* "I just recently found out about 5KPlayer, it is 100% safe and I tried it. I must say its design is gorgeous! It's really different among all other players for Mac. I'm impressed."
* "I just used 5KPlayer and I don't know why, but the clarity of video itself is vastly improved. I was just impressed by the depth of color & contrast offered, ad if I had changed my monitor itself."

This free and light weighted 5KPlayer itself is absolutely safe, but sometimes you may download extra attachments during 5KPlayer downloading process, it is not because 5KPlayer is unsafe, but because the download site is virus invaded. So, if you want to download a safe 5KPlayer on your PC and Mac that causes no trouble, download 5KPlayer in the following ways which have been proved to be the safest way to download 5KPlayer free and completely.

The Safest Way to Download 5KPlayer:

- Safe download 5KPlayer from 5KPlayer official site.

- Safe download 5KPlayer from Softonic.

- Safe download 5KPlayer from other free software download sites like: MajorGeeks, Softpedia, AfterDawn, etc.

Example: How to Use Secure 5KPlayer to Play Video on Windows

5KPlayer is a professional 8K video player on Windows 10/iMac, it plays H.264/AVC , H.265/HEVC ultra HD video perfectly.

Step 1: Free download secure 5KPlayer for Windows on this page.

Step 2: Click "Video" on the main interface and choose the desired 720p,1080p, 4K, 5K or 8K video file to play with 5KPlayer.

Note: You can also right click the target video file and navigate to "Open with 5KPlayer" or just simply drag & drop the video onto 5KPlayer's neat user interface.

* You can also download the latest version 5KPlayer for Mac to start experimenting 5KPlayer on Mac OS (High Sierra).

Play Video on Safe 5KPlayer

No more questions about is 5KPlayer safe and no more worries about 5KPlayer's credibility. DearMob, the producer of 5KPlayer, is dedicated to develop safe and free applications which only do good for its users. You can rest assure and use the safe 5KPlayer confidently, as one of the top 5 best media player on Windows 10, this awesome 5KPlayer can play 8K UHD movies on both Mac and PC smoothly and do so many good things and bring so many convenience to you.

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