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Reasons and Solutions to 5KPlayer Not Working Not Playing

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

5KPlayer is a very powerful and popular multimedia player that plays pretty much all video and audio files you throw at it. And 5KPlayer got it crown is not only because it plays everything, but also due to the fact that 5KPlayer is a free YouTube video downloader and an excellent AirPlay server.

But what if such a good video player like 5KPlayer stopped working? It must bring some inconvenience for frustration for you, so here today we are going to talk about the possible reasons of 5KPlayer not working and the way to fix 5KPlayer not working problems such as 5KPlayer not playing, YouTube Analyze Failed, or 5KPlayer won't AirPlay, etc.

  • Error: 5KPlayer Not Responding
  • Error: Analyze Video URL Failed
  • Error: AirPlay Not Supported
  • Currently 5KPlayer Supports DLNA Streaming & AirPlay Mirroring

    Official Clarification: Since Apple has strengthened the "sign & countersign" for AirPlay Bonjour protocol, 5KPlayer for Windows does not support movie/music AirPlay at present.

    We have been working hard on AirPlay streaming to figure out a solution. Please stay with us and trust our dedication and efforts! AirPlay for Windows will be back soon!

    How to Solve 5KPlayer Not Responding Problem

    5KPlayer Not Responding error message occurs often in the middle of a video or a DVD playback, the whole 5KPlayer playback window will go blank and the "5KPlayer Not Responding" message will pop up.

    There are two possibilities that we've tested to cause such an error:

    Slove 5KPlayer not Working problem

    ☆ The video or the DVD you are watching is incomplete or partly broken.
    Solution: you can test if it is realy the problem of 5KPlayer or the video clip by playing the same clip with another video player such as VLC. And if it is the problem of the clip then all you have to do is to get a complete and unbroken video.

    ☆ 5KPlayer is in conflict with another App running on your computer.
    Solution: The same problem happened to me personally as well, so I eliminated down to the specific app that was in conflict with 5KPlayer and exit the program and 5KPlayer worked perfectly again, but be sure to close 5KPlayer and relaunch it.

    Note: 5KPlayer is able to play 180+ video formats and 60+ audio formats, such as MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MP3, AAC, APE and FLAC, play DVDs (even with region codes and copy protections), so it would be the least possible reason that 5KPlayer failed to play your video formats, but if you are playing Blu-ray or the rare or old-fashioned video files such as WFS, I'm sorry that none of the mainstream video player can play that.

    How to Solve 5KPlayer AirPlay Not Working

    Notice: 5KPlayer recently had removed video music AirPlay function in 4.5 version for a great improvement that will come soon, but the mirroring function is still there. If you do need to AirPlay the video or music, you can use the older version of 5KPlayer.

    5KPlayer offers an easy way to turn your Mac or PC as free AirPlay sender and AirPlay receiver to stream movies and music from iPad, iPhone and iPod to Mac and PC or stream video/music from Mac/PC to Apple TV, or between Macs and PCs. But sometimes the AirPlay function not working is because:

    The video/music files you want to stream is not AirPlay compatible
    Apple AirPlay only natively supports the video in MP4, MOV and M4V, and music in MP3. If you intend to AirPlay a DVD or the files not included in AirPlay compatible formats, you might wanna convert those video files with an excellent video converter or DVD ripper, then you can stream MKV to Apple TV or AirPlay DVD

    There are also some preperations need to be done before AirPlay
    First, make sure that your computer which installed 5KPlayer is on the same network as the desired device you want to stream from/to, be it iPhone, iPad or another Mac/PC or Apple TV.
    Second, if you want to AirPlay between Macs and PCs, you have to make sure the other computer is also installed with 5KPlayer and it is open.

    5KPlayer AirPlay not Working

    Well, that is what you can do if the three main features of 5KPlayer has failed work, but do not forget you can always count on our 24/7 support team. Should you have any questions regard to any problem of 5KPlayer, please feel free to email at support@5kplayer.com. And we are also eager to learn whatever you suggest to make 5KPlayer better!

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