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Best Free HD Video Player - Play 1080p HD MKV M2TS Videos

Written by Jason

Which HD video player would be ideal to watch a (1080p/1080i or 720p) high definition video? If you're like me, finding the default HD video player on Windows 10 PC or Mac disappointing due to the following issues, then the very HD player below may wipe out all your headaches once and for all!

- It stutters or crashes frequently when playing a 720p or 1080p/1080i HD video;
- It does not support all video formats and won't open HD videos in MKV, MTS, AVCHD, H.264, format etc;

Is there an HD video player for Windows 10/Mac to tackle all those wild and wonderous movies effortlessly? The brand-new 5KPlayer is the answer!

Download A Qualified Free HD Video Player for Windows 10/Mac

A qualified HD player tweaks your best 1080p videos see-through and stunning. 5KPlayer is the best free HD video player for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and Mac, which gets on definitely well with HD (720p, 1080i/1080p) and Ultra HD (4K, 5K and 8K) videos no matter they are in MKV, AVCHD (M2TS, MTS), TP, MPEG-TS, AVC, MOD or HD FLV format. Now click to download it below : ↓↓↓

HD Video Player

1. Features and The Prevalence of HD Videos
3. 5KPlayer – The Superlative HD Player for Windows (10) & Mac
2. Top 4 HD Video Players 2019 Reviews
4. How to Play HD MKV M2TS Video on Windows/Mac with HD Player?

Features and The Prevalence of HD Videos

When referring to HD video, it has strict specifications. High-definition video is video of higher resolution and quality that needs HD player to decode compared to standard-definition. And there are common high definition video (480P, 720P, 1080P) and ultra high definition video (4K, 5K, 8K). It is harder to find a good HD video player than a standard video player, because when loading an HD video file, it demands high CPU capability of the device and also better processing ability of an HD player.

You acquire your HD video files in different ways, they could be those which you ripped from HD DVDs, or filmed with your high-end digital video camera, downloaded from YouTube/other video hosting sites, or even recorded with your HD video surveillance. So they could be in stored in various video containers and coded in different codecs, such as VOB, MP4, FLV, MKV, DAV, etc. HD video files are in need for HD video player which could deliver the true high resolution, color fidelity, and acute frame rate to ensure that quality of the video output is beyond an acceptable standard for whatever purpose it is.

5KPlayer is the best choice if you need a high-quality and all-in-one HD video player software for Mac and Windows 10. You can free download this full version HD video player to prove it is suitable for any kind of computer display regardless of your hardware configuration or the maximum resolution of your display. With intelligent core and GPU acceleration tech, 5KPlayer deals with encoded HD videos with facility. It has large capacity (uncompressed) video playing system to be compatible with large sized HD/UHD video files. Specifically, it is a good free HD media player that seamlessly supports 4K 8K video playback as well. Best of all, it is 100% safe and clean.

5KPlayer – The Superlative HD Player for Windows (10) & Mac

First praised feature of this HD video player is surely its combination of Hardware Decoding tech and Software Decoding tech to assign some tasks to GPU and leave more CPU space for HD video movie playback. From 720p/1080p/1080i (MKV/MTS/MP4 etc) videos to 4K even 8K files, this free HD video player can render super smooth playback without glitches.

Supporting TrueTheater technology impeccably, 5KPlayer can also relive DVDs AVI FLV WMV movies etc in HD audiovisual effect by upscaling the video colors, contrast and brightness with DTS/Dolby multidimensional sound. Through automatically adajusting the video aspect ratio from WMV FLV AVI SD to MKV MP4 MTS HD to match the golden ratio of pupil, this HD player will help you enjoy HD videos comfortably as much as possible.

Ranking high in the list of HD video players on Softonic Download Chart with 70% positive reviews, 5KPlayer defeat other HD players by arming itself with video music download ability and DLNA function for HD streaming to smart TV in a unit.

Top 4 HD Video Players 2019 Worth Downloading

5KPlayer – Elegant Free 4K 8K HD Video Player for Any User

With even more elegant playing UI, no outline-frame, and salient capability to decode and playback 4K 8K 1080p 1080i videos, this GUP accelerated HD media player - 5KPlayer can totally free your main processing unit from some heavy subtasks during any digital video playback - 360-degree video music, 3D movies. It uses DVAX2.0 API to activate IGPU for hardware decoding on Windows, Windows 10 included.

This HD player, once topped Softonic's front-page download chart, also handles HDR video playback as well as 4K Blu-ray videos, proving itself one of the best free HD media player in demand. If you are interested in big screen enjoyment on TV, it can also let you free download and stream 4K videos to Apple TV 4 in seconds.

Best Free HD Video Player

Top 5 HD Playback Features of 5KPlayer:

However, at present, this HD video player does not support HW acceleration on Mac, nor discrete GPU decoding, but these features will be added soon in the following updates.

Media Player Classic - BE - Revamped HD Player Based on MPC-HC

Derived from the original MPC developed by Gabest, this big name HD player has also released Media Player Classic for Windows 10 and its Mac version for an increasing number of HD videos. Just like the straight-A HD player 5KPlayer, this free program has its own DirectX Video Acceleration, helping users better able to play DVB-C, DVB-S, and more Digital TV video formats in 1080i API, as well as other mainstream formatted MKV, H.264, H.265, MP4, VP8 and VP9 HD videos in 720p, 1080p.
Technically speaking, MPC-BE proves to be an eligible HD video player worth downloading, yet we often come across complaints from users online, for example,
---- "Why am I seeing strange glitches in the 1080p VP9 video when playing it with Media Player Classic?"
If the same happens to you, chances are that hardware acceleration of MPC-BE is not working correctly. You may try & fix that by opening Options → Internal Filters, click > Video Decoder > Video Decoder check the video formats followed by >(DXVA)>, including H.264/AVC, HEVC, MPEG-2, VC-1, WMV3 and VP9 so as to drive fast-moving HD videos into high gear.

Media Player Classic - BE HD Video Player

Table of 2019 Top 4 HD Video Players Worth Downloading:

  5KPlayer VLC Media Player PowerDVD MPC-BE
Windows/Mac OS Support Y Y Y Windows Only
Free Y Y $39.99 Y
DVD Support Y Y Y Y
Hardware Accelerated Decoding Y Y Y Y

Step 3. Adjust the Progress.
Once you open the video file with this HD video player, you are given an order to play the HD MKV MTS etc video. And 5KPlayer plays it immediately. You can control the playing progress by dragging the progress bar, pausing it or moving it forward/backward, control the volume or add subtitles to your HD 1080p 1080i 720p 4K videos movies at will. By right-clicking the UI of 5KPlayer, you can choose 5KPlayer Hardware Acceleration (coming soon) to improve the smooth playback when there is any lag or stutter of HD 1080p 1080i 720p and 4K videos.

Play HD Video

Step 4. De-interlace HD 1080i to 1080p with 5KPlayer

There are two basic ways to record and display a video image: Progressive scan (480p, 720p or 1080p) Interlaced scan (480i or 1080i). Interlaced video can reduce the signal bandwidth to cut down the budget since more bandwith (progressive video) means a more expensive as well as complex system. But interlaced scan is more likely to cause blurring and flickering that will influence your viewing experience. So, you need HD video player 5KPlayer that can handle these two types of videos and deinterlace videos to render crystal clear images.

Deinterlace videos with 5KPlayer: Right-click the playing windows of HD player 5KPlayer -> click Video -> click Deinterlace -> choose the deinterlace methods you need.

De-interlace HD videos

The way of free playing an HD video file on Windows 10/7/8.1 is similar to that on Mac. Just make sure you've downloaded and installed the right edition for your OS before opening and playing the media.

Note: As illustrated above, 5KPlayer is one of the best free HD 1080p video player programs for Mac/PC. But more than that, the video music player plays MP4, AVI, flv, as well as plays MP3 AAC FLAC music. More uniquely, 5KPlayer helps downloading online videos songs from 300+ sites including YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Facebook, and help free stream video audio to smart TV with built-in DLNA receiver and DLNA sender. You can also listen to internet radio and establish multimedia library.

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