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Which Popcorn Media Player Is the One You Need?

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

When you search for Popcorn media player, it seems that you yourself are not very sure about what's looking for, free software like Popcorn Time media player? Time 4 Popcorn media player? A free popcorn media player alternative? Or a Popcorn media player c300/a410 device with cost? No worries, this article will see you out of this confusion and make sure you get the very popcorn media player you need.

A Free Popcorn Media Player Worth A Try

Popcorn Media Players

If you are looking for a free popcorn media player with almost the same function as popcorn time in terms of media playing, 5KPlayer is the very one you need. It plays 1080p, HD, 4K/5K UHD videos/torrents of any format like FLV, MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. smoothly and swimmingly with no hiccups or quality loss. Download this popcorn media player on your Mac/PC and you will be charmed by its magic power.

What Are Those Popcorn Media Players Commonly Talked About?

1. Cost-Free Popcorn Time Media Player Software

Due to legal issues, the original Popcorn Time media player has been crushed in 2014 and is at present replaced by its two forks from different domains: Popcorn time. io(PT) and Popcorn time. se(T4P), and both their developers are not the original ones. So there's no way if you are looking for the official Popcorn Time media player. But, How to choose from these two forks?

Popcorn Time Media Player

Popcorn Time Media Player (io) vs. Time 4 Popcorn Media Player (se)

* Popcorn Time Media Player (.io) seems Much Safer to Download
In regard of user's privacy and computer safety, Popcorn Time media player (io) seems working harder than Time 4 Popcorn media player(.se), as it claims to have scarified speed of upgrade release (Ver. 3.7 at present) to make sure users' privacy. No malware, adware or other threatening viruses yet being found in Popcorn Time media player (.io). On the contrary, Time 4 Popcorn media player (.se) is reported containing adware and other viruses by many users! And it's been noted that although Time 4 Popcorn media player (.se) integrates VPN, it's unreasonable to offer free services at such a high cost. Just think about users' privacy.

* Popcorn Time Media Player (.io) seems Providing Better Sources and Playback Quality
Popcorn Time media player (.io) declares that they provide high quality sources from Eztv/Yify, and work smoothly in regard of HD video play. And Time 4 Popcorn media player (.se) is reported to be choppy in video playback and their public codes are always out-of-date. Their sources are very varied in a not-very-good way, containing CAM versions of films oftentimes.

* Time 4 Popcorn Media Player (.se) Works on More Platforms
If you want to get a popcorn media player for your Chromecast and iOS devices, Time 4 Popcorn media player (.se) can be at your service, since Popcorn Time media player (.io) only supports OS X, PC, Linux and Android system at present. Yet still, be aware of viruses.

You can free download both popcorn media players with ease by visiting their websites at popcorn-time.io and popcorn-time.se.

Free Download Free Popcorn Media Player – 5KPlayer to Play Videos

Step 1. Free download this popcorn media player from 5KPlayer official website.

Step 2. Run this versatile popcorn media player and choose the function you want to experience, e.g. click the Video button to browse your video files.

Note: You can also directly drag and drop a video file of any format onto this free popcorn media player main interface to play the video.

Step 3. Select the video you want to play by double clicking on the file or click the "Open" button.

Popcorn Media Player 5KPlayer

Note: The file will start playing on this popcorn media player in a few sec, and during which time, you can adjust aspect ratio, rotate the video, or just make this video stay on top of your screen so that it won't bother what you are doing, browsing news, writing articles, or online shopping.

Robust as it is, this great video music popcorn media player will make your visual world vivid, exciting and full of colors by playing 4K videos, playing torrents and all the popular file formats like MOV, AVCHD, MKV, AVI effortlessly… 5KPlayer can also serve as a free video editing software that helps you add subtitles, deinterlace videos, make synchronizations and the like so that you can solve many basic video playback problems on your own without begging for others to do your favor. All in all, this free popcorn media player would be the most reliable, legal, stable and safe choice you will ever make.

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