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2016 Cartoon HD Download Guide|Android|iPhone|PC

Is Cartoon HD App back? Before you opt-in this stunt-like app installation and download Cartoon HD right away for your Android/iPhone, hold that thought a while and read along, since we've found a pile of discredits concerning this "False King".

Cartoon HD Best Free Alternative - 5KPlayer

Download Cartoon HD App Android iPhone PC

5KPlayer is your best Cartoon HD download alternative for HD cartoon movies MP4 collection.

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Cartoon HD Download: Is Cartoon HD App Really Back?

Despite the fact that this Cartoon HD App was removed from Apple App store in 2014 and still is for its free copyrighted content, it seems that some websites are providing unconventional ways for you to
1)get Cartoon HD downloaded to your iOS 8/8.1 devices by installing 'Appsync Unified' & downloading Cartoon HD from 'iOS Emulator Spot' via Safari:
First, Open Cydia>Sources>Karen's Pineapple Repo> All Packages>Appsync Unified>Install
Then, Open Safari>iOS Emulator Spot>Download/Install Cartoon HD
or 2)get Cartoon HD download to android/blackberry/Kindle Fire by direct downloading Cartoon HD APK file from cartoonhdapk.com;
both of which require you to enable 'Unknown Sources'.

Cautions there! These unofficial backup solutions can create loop holes for virus and malware and they are not safe!

However, today, when we found Gappcenter's new tweet about Cartoon HD's back online, which caused a stir in media streaming sphere. Thus, we instantly jumped to the site and the below is what we've got:

Cartoon HD for PC Homepage

1. Elegant UI with detailed media info, really attractive, good job Cartoon HD!
2. Click the play button and then the following button , you are ended up with a pop-up new window of ads. No free Cartoon HD movie playback at all.
Changed the video source, and the same happed. Are you kidding?

Cartoon HD for PC Redirect Page

3. Go back main UI and click the free play button:
a) unsure about why it is the ill reputed Flix123 providing the source;
b) redirected to MediaDec and it asks for Free Trial registration, only Free Trial.

Cartoon HD for PC

So here, we were apparently done with Cartoon HD, and no wonder it is abuzz with complaints and sarcasms.

Don't Get Cheated and Download Cartoon HD Copycat Alternatives

If you're vexed at missing out on downloading the Cartoon HD App for Android/iPhone/PC and you're trying to find a Cartoon HD app alternative, be alert with the copycat alternatives since many of them are just trying to collect your personally info and do not do the in-app purchase.

However, we do recommend some quality alternatives to Cartoon HD for download free: 5KPlayer, ShowBox and Popcorn Time. 5KPlayer is a legitimate Cartoon HD PC alternative that allows you to free download HD cartoon movies, latest released movies 1080P, and music videos YouTube to MP3 from 300+ online sources and stream them to your HDTV. Though the latter two VOD providers may also undergo some illegal problems and are unstable at times, their service still feels more direct and trustworthy than Cartoon HD App.

Also, instead of diving into the unknown sea of this new Cartoon HD, it is more advisable that you pick one of those cost-efficient legitimate apps like Netflix, Google play, Amazon Prime Instant Videos for unlimited safe cartoon streaming. Several bucks sometimes can surely make a difference in terms of visual quality and affluent services.

The Cartoon HD Download Alternative Recommendation – 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is the best 100% clean and safe dead ringer for Cartoon HD app to help you build an all-too immersive and cutting-edge home cinema for free and watch movies, TV shows, cartoons in HD 1080p 4K 3D without limitations. It weaves 3 main features into one - 4K/8K UHD movie playback, 1080P UHD video free download and cross-screen display to cover all your needs for movie playback, inventory, video streaming, and 7.1/5.1 surround sound support. This Cartoon HD alternative also moonlights as a format converter so that you can play those videos music on varied handheld devices on the go.

Free Download HD Cartoons/Movies with Cartoon HD App Alternative

You'll need 5KPlayer for the following download steps. So here now, download 5KPlayer 5kp download on your Windows/Mac PC in advance. Again, it is a free and 100% clean media player that can playback & free download cartoons up to HD UHD 4K res in H.264/265.

Free download HD cartoons & Other Disney Movies
Step 1: Open your browser and go to one of the sources providing Disney cartoons HD download for free.

Step 2: Copy the URL of the cartoon HD movie.

Step 3: Open 5KPlayer and click "YouTube" button to go to the download UI.

Step 4: Paste the URL into the analysis box and click analysis button.

Note: This might take a sec to get the cartoon's URL successfully analyzed. Upon the completion of analysis, a videostrip with a thumbnail and a "Download" button will show up below the URL box.

Click to Free Download Cartoon HD Movies

Start Free Downloading Cartoon HD Movie from Online

Step 5: Click the "Download" button to free download cartoons in HD 1080p 4K.

Note: you can click the setting button to select the target cartoon movie format: MKV/FLV/3GP/MP4, or free download cartoons in MP4 directly.

Free Download Cartoon HD Movies

Convert Downloaded Cartoons HD to iPhone/Android/Windows Phones
Step 1: Find the downloaded cartoon movie HD in the video playlist, and move your cursor to the "convert" button. A drop-down menu will appear.

Step 2: Select "convert to MP4" to convert HD cartoons format.

Note: For more format conversion, you can resort to a professional HD cartoon movie converter.

Download HD Cartoons to MP4

This powerful Cartoon HD App alternative also makes it possible for you to watch other HD Disney cartoons at home and plays them in 3D and 4K: Star Wars VII, Tomorrow Land, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Batman vs. Superman, The Jungle Book, the Revenant (4K) etc. Since recently, the downloadable sources are revamped for adults, 5KPlayer now provides a considerably wider surpport for VR porn download and porn videos download.

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