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How to Play Blu-ray Videos & HD Movies on Windows (10) and Mac

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Blu-ray is designed to store HD videos in resolution like 1080p, and that's why we need it. But as HD/4K/8K videos roll out on the internet, Blu-ray is really going to lose its status. The saving grace of this Blu-ray format gradually falls into concrete storage/collection of videos/music and photos against Cloud storage. But anyways, as a synonym for HD videos and a way of storing, Blu-ray will last for quite a long time and there are a million ways for you to play Blu-ray videos. Among them, the best assistant up to this task that we also strongly recommend is 5KPlayer.

Best Way to Free Play Blu-ray Videos and HD Movies on Mac/PC

5KPlayer is one of the smartest Blu-ray video player that works on both Mac and PC for the best HD visual quality. Every image and sound detail will be rendered and optimized perfectly on your retina display and LCD screen. Free download this Blu-ray video player to truly make a visual difference.

Best Free HD Video Player

Step 2. Open this Blu-ray HD player and click the Video button to browse the Blu-ray file.
You can also drag and drop the Blu-ray video to the UI, which will then be played without blemish.

It is also recommended that you convert Blu-ray videos to MP4 and other formats for the sake of computer's life span, transition convenience like AirPlay, and more efficient storage on other devices like iPad/iPhone.

Play Blu-ray Video

5KPlayer really interprets the future trends of high res video presenting. If anyone dares to tell you that HD videos viewed on the finest Retina tablet display or LCD flat screen can't come close to a Blu-ray, then either the HD content is a fake one or he is lying!

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