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List of Top 20 Bluray New Year Movies Download Free 2019

Written by Christina

Want to download Bluray movies New Year to watch on computer? If resolution is your serious concern, the Bluray movies list 2019 hereby recommended is just the thing for you. You can either download Bluray movies free, or order the physical Bluray movie DVDs through Amazon or www.blu-ray.com. Take a look at why they're listed before you proceed!

Best 2019 New Year Movies Bluray Downloader - Free 5KPlayer

Bluray movies download - 5KPlayer

Thinking of downloading Bluray movies to Windows 10/Mac free in 720p/1080p rather than shelling out for the physical DVDs? How to download 2019 best Bluray movies for free? End your search here with this movie downloader - 5KPlayer, a swift helper to download Bluray (3D) movies for you free fast. Download it right here!

8. Game of Thrones Season 6 | Release Date: Nov 15, 2016
Directors: David Nutter, Alan Taylor, Alex Graves, Daniel Minahan, Alik Sakharov, Michelle MacLaren
Starting from April 24 - The Red Woman, the intriguing HBO series GOT season 6 was concluded on June 26 with The Winds of Winter Episode 10. The whole season of Game of Thrones 6, as is put by the audience, is "Faster than expected" in terms of plot, and that IMDb reviews quote it as "What an episode!!! Season 6 Episode 6 right from the start seems like one hell of an hour, yet it turned out to not only be a great episode, but one of the best in the show's 6 seasons. Honestly it's 3 A.M. here in bloody England but I am still sitting here shaking!" Good news is that, Game of Thrones season 6 Bluray DVD is set to release on November 15, enabling us to appreciate the complete storyline embodying the kings and queens, knights and renegades, and the liars and men toe with the line, playing the "Game of Thrones" full of plots, lusts and intrigues.

9. The Walking Dead Season 7 Bluray Movie Download: The Complete Sixth Season | Oct 23, 2016
Starz / Anchor Bay | 2015-2016 | Season 7| 600 min | Rated TV-MA
Zombie shows are prevailing lately - a period that's full of social riots and conflicts, thus making the Walking Dead Bluray movies a nice playground to let off anti-society feelings. In the series there're gunfire, zombie horror, relationships ... pretty much every ugly aspect of humanity, and that's the plot's end. In terms of the videos and audio, you may download The Walking Dead season 6 Blu-ray movies to watch the disgusting nooks and crannies closer. Shouldn't be called a "feast" but TWD Bluray movie really takes the variant creatures true to life.

10. Captain America: Civil War Bluray Movie Download | Sept 13, 2016
Disney / Buena Vista | 2016 | 112 min | Rated PG
The 3rd installment of Marvel's Captain America franchise and a real close battle that could burn your blood by the angers of of the Avengers. Though Captain America Civil War Blu-ray movie download in MTS M2TS won't be available untill September 1st (1 month to go), the pleasing box office already proved it to be another high-quality production from the Marvel Entertainment. This Bluray movie manages to get listed thanks to its dazzling special effects - long-standing advantage of the Marvel movies, and also the powerful guns and bullets that are rushing out the the screen. If you haven't yet watched it in theater, then download Bluray movie of Captain America 3 Civil War or get its physical copy from Amazon or other online stores to watch the superheros siding either Captain or Iron Man in the face of a rescue battle for the Winter Soldier.

11. Batman: The Killing Joke Blu-ray Movie | Aug 02, 2016
Warner Bros. | 2016 | 77 min | Rated R
Subtitles: English SDH, French, German SDH, Japanese, Spanish;
This is not the best-rated Batman series in IMDb - 6.9 only, but Batman: The Killing Joke Bluray movie indeed is a much-coveted title on bluray.com. The story is based on Alan Moore/Brian Bolland's 1988 much impressive novel, and also the 26th DC animation feature. It tells the story of a the Clown Prince's attack to the Gordon family when Batman is hunting for the escaped Joker. As a much-anticipated adaptation of the Batman's serires, The Killing Joke Bluray movie download was made available only 7 days after its digital release, which means Blu-ray collectors can get a physical copy without waiting.

12. Ghost in the Shell 2018 Movie| March 31, 2017
Arad Productions, DreamWorks, Grosvenor Park Productions | 2018 | 107 min | Rated R
In the near future, the super-human Major is the first of her kind: She had been saved from a terrible crash, and enhanced to be a perfect battling soilder responsible for stopping the world's most dangerous criminals.
13. Download Jurassic World Bluray Movie | 2016
The made-availeble Jurassic World Bluray Movie download is an irrefutable feast - As an unmimickable success in the summer 2015, the return of the great Jurassic franchised received waves of applaud from audience of all ages. Presentation of dinosaur roars are just true-to-life, and the action sequence in this thriller proves to be just interlocking and beath-taking.
14. The Dark Knight Download Blu-ray Movie | Dec 09, 2008
Warner Bros. | 2008 | 153 min | Rated PG-13
The Blu-ray movie of The Dark Knight is an early attempt to create IMAX experience at home in 2008 by shifting the images between 1.78:1 and 2.4:1. This Batman installment tells the story of an emerging rival - The Joker and chaos he stirred up across the Gotham City. Now that Batman's anti-crime moves were just about to achieve early success, what would this new yet vicisous enemy do to distract him?
15. Deadpool Download Blu-ray Movie | May 10, 2016
20th Century Fox | 2016 | 108 min | Rated R
Some may doubt the point of Deadpool Bluray movie download as all scenes in the movie seems just lifelike and plain, as the drak-humored Deadpool seems intereting enough. You may develop another kind of knowledge of this character based on the origin story of former Special Forces.
16. Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens Blu-ray Movie Download | Apr 29, 2016
Disney / Buena Vista | 2015 | 138 min
Dominating 2015 from the year-end, Star Wars The Force Awakens Blu-ray movie is a must-download copy for any Sci-Fi buffs. In this movie, Luke survived against the deaths of many Jedi warriors and hided himself from the rest of the world for decades until one day, our new characters in Star Wars 7 determine to find him ...
17. Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice | Jul 19, 2016
Warner Bros. | 2016 | 1 Movie, 2 Cuts | 152 min | Rated PG-13
Another quick release after Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice embraced theater this April. Download this Blu-ray movie, and you can watch Batman and Superman ran into rages that lands all mankind in ever-seen danger, in the name of search for what kind of hero the world really needs.
18. Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection Blu-ray | Nov 11, 2011
Movie Collection Include:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 & Part 2;
If you're one of the loyal Harry Potter fanbase, take a look at The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 movie.
19. Aliens Blu-ray Movie 30th Anniversary Edition | Sep 13, 2016 (Availabe in 1 Month)
20th Century Fox | 1986 | 137 min | Rated R
The origin of all Sci-Fi you could ever watch, Alien Bluray movie download is taking the mind-blowing imaginations to the next stage with much-uplifted visual effects. The same old story: Survivor Ellen Ripley is awakened after 57 years of narcoma in space. Again she is sent back to the alien's planet to check any signs of life there. This exploration comes just in time as Ripley found out the aliens are just about to initiate an attack ...
20. The Avengers Blu-ray Movie Download | Sep 25, 2012
Disney / Buena Vista | 2012 | 143 min | Rated PG-13
In juxtaposition with the Iron Man, Captain America and Agent Carter series, the Avengers movie is based on the Marvel comic universe. The 6 main superhero characters were assembled by S.H.I.E.L.D to oppose a latest theft - Loki, who took away the power cube that can ruin the earth. It's just reasonble that conflicts may arise as heros like Iron Man, Thor, etc were united ...

Part 2: How to Download Blu-ray Movies Recommended in the List?

Though Blu-ray movies come in DVD discs more often, there indeed are several ways to download them to computer. That being said, you'll need one Bluray movie downloader software like 5KPlayer.

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Guide: Free Download Bluray Movies 1080p/720p with 5KPlayer

Step 1: First download 5KPlayer for Windows or Mac, install and launch it, click the "YouTube Download" option on the main interface to start.

Step 2: Visit a Bluray movie download sites, find the very movie you want to download and copy one of the URL, paste it to the link box and click "Paste URL and Analyze".

Step 3: When the analyzing is done, choose your preferred resolution and format before clicking "Download".

Tips: Click the downward arrow on 5KPlayer UI > Settings > Downloader Tab > Video Download Folder to choose the place you want to download Bluray movies to.

download the Star Trek Beyond Bluray

Watch downloaded Blu-ray movies with 5KPlayer

Step 1: Click YouTube Tab on this Bluray movies downloader to access your media library.

Step 2: Find the Bluray video you just downloaded, double click on the thumbnail to start watching.

Tips: To switch soundtracks, subtitle tracks, please right click on the playback area > Subtitles > Track, or Audio > Track so as to adjust the settings.

Star Trek Beyond screenshot - 5KPlayer

Part 3 : Blue-ray Movies Download Wiki

Why are Bluray movies more popular than traditional HD movies? How to download them from Bluray movies download sites? To put it like this: movies carried in a Blu-ray disc feature higher resolution, professional audio channels (Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), DT, SDTS-HD HR Audio, Linear PCM), fatser read-n-write speed as well as more applicable subtitles options. Bluray movies, when ripped off the physical DVDs, are much-coveted because the DVD encryptions are often removed.

After the Wiki, let's take a look at the best 15 Bluray movies list and how to download them to Windows 10/Macfor free.

Some Bluray movies are released simultaneously when they hit the theater, while others may come a few monthes later.

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