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[Solved] Cannot Load M3U8: Crossdomain Access Denied/404 not Found/No Levels to Play Error

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: July 24, 2020 | 5 Min Read

If you see the error message "Cannot load M3U8: crossdomain access denied", "Cannot load M3U8: 404 not found" or "Cannot load M3U8: No levels to play" when trying to play a video stream in browser with a web player, the reason may boil down to the fault of web player itself, the ad-block plugin, extension, cache or the cookies of the browser. Whatever, once you got "Cannot load M3U8" problem from a streaming TV site or web player on Windows and Mac, you can find possible solutions from this place to help solve cannot load M3U8 problem easily.

One-stop Solution to Solve Cannot Load M3U8 Problem – 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is versatile M3U8 streaming player software for M3U8 playback when M3U8 cannot load on browser. You can directly play the M3U8/IPTV streaming links with it, as well as free download M3U8/MP4/MKV etc videos to play offline.

Jump to the Error You Want to Resolve:
1. Cannot load M3U: crossdomain access denied
2. Cannot load M3U8: 404 not found
3. Cannot load M3U8: No levels to play
4. Best Free M3U8 Player to Play M3U8 Streams Directly - Best Solution

Hope these workarounds we gather could do some help for you to solve cannot load M3U8 errors. But if they are not that useful to your case, maybe you can try a more direct way to play M3U8 videos and streams.

Best Free M3U8 Player to Play M3U8 Streams Directly

5KPlayer is a HLS -based M3U8 player software as of now for you to HLS streaming M3U/M3U8 playlists URL from IPTV, sports channels, TV show channels or online sites smoothly with a minimum delay. It is a desktop application for M3U8 streaming without browsers' or web players' M3U8 errors, say "Cannot load M3U8: crossdomain access denied", "Cannot load M3U8: 404 not found" and "Cannot load M3U8: No levels to play". It has a strong in-built URL analyzer that could fast and accurately parse the M3U8 media URL and play it without errors.

How to Play M3U8 with 5KPlayer?

Step 1. Get the M3U8 playlists URL you need to stream from online channels.
Step 2. Free download 5KPlayer on Mac or Windows, install and launch it.
Step 3. Click on the Live icon on the main user interface of 5KPlayer, input the .m3u8 playlist URL to the box and then click on Play. 5KPlayer will automatically start the M3U8 streaming after seconds of preloading.

Play M3U8

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