How to Play M3U8 Stream and Download M3U8 to MP4 in VLC?

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: May 31, 2021 | 5 Min Read

Besides common media playback, VLC also supports streaming protocols HTTP that used for media streaming among various servers. The file extension of HTTP Live Streaming playlist is .m3u8 which often comes with the form of a live streaming IPTV link. So, this M3U8 VLC guide will teach how to use M3U8 player VLC to stream and download M3U8 to MP4.

How to Play M3U8 Streaming Files in VLC Media Player?

Step 1. Free download VLC media player, install and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Copy the .m3u8 streaming video link you want to play with M3U8 player VLC.

Step 3. On the main interface of VLC, click on Media on the top left corner to choose "Open Network Stream…"

Step 4. Input the .m3u8 video link to the box and then hit Play at the right bottom. Then, VLC media player will parse the .m3u8 streaming link and play the video.

M3U8 Player VLC

Notice: In case that you need the way to find an .m3u8 playlist to play with M3U8 player VLC, you can do as follows:
1. Open a video site on Chrome, find the video you want to extract the M3U8 URL and play it. Remember to skip the advertisement before extracting. 2. Right-click the video to click on Inspect to see the HTML interface.
3. Click the small phone icon to choose your phone type > refresh the web page > choose Network > click the funnel icon > click Media > play your video > then there will pop up an.m3u8 link > just copy the link address.

We have tested that most mainstream video streaming sites including YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo don't offer .m3u8 video links, so you probably can't play the video link from such sites. However, you can download the online videos and then play them offline.

How to Download M3U8 and Convert to MP4 via M3U8 Player VLC?

Compared to VLC M3U8 stream, the process is much more complicated for M3U8 download.

Step 1. Open VLC and click on Media to choose "Open Network Stream…".

Step 2. Input the .m3u8 playlist link to the box and then click on Convert from the drop-down menu of Play at the right bottom.

Step 3. Choose the output format as MP4 from the drop-down menu of Profile. Then, click on Browse to choose the destination folder and rename your file.

Step 4. After saving, just click on "Start" to converting the .m3u8 stream to MP4 with M3U8 player VLC.

VLC M3U8 to MP4