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Hands-on Review: Best 4K Video Player vs HD Video Player

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

4K video player VS HD video player, which is better? There are arguments that human eyes won't be able to appreciate the subtle upgrade from an HD video player to a 4K player, is it true? Here, through respective tests of a "Galatic Rose" video sample in UHD 4K 2160p (22521kbps) and its in 720p HD version, to a 4K video player and an HD player respectively, you can tell out that it is utmost true that a genuine 4K video player clinches a UHD video/movie way better than an HD one.

Get the Professional Free 4K Video Player to Play 4K Content

For 4K, We chose 5KPlayer - the 4K-centered video player to conduct our test. Its performance turns out surpassing the anticipation to play 4K content - As a list-topping 4K media player in the review of best 4K players for Windows 10, there's also a Mac version available, hence the recommend.

4K video player

Reasons Why A 4K Video Player Can Render 4K Videos Better than An HD Player

1. Refresh Rate: As is mentioned above in introducing info on the 4K video sample, the overhaul in Bitrate - which helps a 4K video decrease blurs , smoothen the switch between video frames to sharpen video quality - is what a 4K video player needs to address. To level UHD video playback without hiccups shown in the above-right picture, a genuine 4K video player is shipped with high refresh rate. To that end, we recognized 5KPlayer capable of 4K streaming - thanks to its incorporating HEVC H.265 streaming technology.

2. Local Dimming: Local dimming ability enhances the depth and realm in playing a 4K video. With "depth" and "realm" mostly embodied in 360 Virtual Reality videos - where you look INTO an immersive video, the mechanism behind this feature is just the same. 5KPlayer can download and play 360 VR videos, that's why it's an inch better than other HD video players to expand the color range (You'll need 4K movies resouces, indeed.)

Latest Advantages Falls on 4K Video Players, That's Why They're Better Than HD Video Players

The results seems already clear as of either 4K video player or HD video better is better to play high-res videos.
But here's one misunderstanding to be addressed: "Higher resolution isn't equal to better resolution". By saying this, the statements assures the importance of refresh rate, local dimming, high dynamic range, and forthcoming image processing techs are to a 4K video player.

So the the question is, what if we improve the image processing functions shipped with a 4K video player to an HD video player, will it be just as sleek as its outpacer?
Positive. But the problem is: The pursuit for higher res has no limits, when 4K is really becoming the mainstrean, chances are that most cutting-edge image processing technologies will only be applied to 4K video players instead of HD ones.

So further questioning of 4K video player vs HD video player doesn't make too much sense, it's always wiser to opt for a newcomer in terms of HD video playback.

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