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Since released, 5KPlayer has earned plenty of applauses from editors and users. Its functions to play 4K UHD video, download YouTube video & AirPlay gain a lot of editors' attentions. Although it's not perfect, 5KPlayer grows to be better gradually based on the feedbacks and suggestions from users all over the world. Let's check their ideas.

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Editors Say...

"5KPlayer is great for media consumption though we see no reason for using it to consume Internet radio. It supports video downloading, AirPlay, Music and Video Playback, and offers support for 4K, 5K and 1080p HD Video and for MP3, FLAC, APE, AAC, etc, file formats."

The Windows Club

"New free media player with AirPlay supported. Play and AirPlay video music. It can play 4K HD videos, music, DVD and radio. With built-in AirPlay sender/receiver, 5KPlayer can free stream music/videos, mirror record iPhone iPad screen."


"If you are a Windows or Mac user and you are looking for a free media player that will be a life changing experience in video and audio performing, 5KPlayer is the answer! Don't forget…safety first…5KPlayer is 100% virus free, so you will always be secured!"


"5KPlayer is a must-have application for those who love to watch different types of media files and download them from sites like Youtube. It enables you to download and watch HD Youtube videos and enjoy high-quality content."


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Check Reviews from Your Region

North America - South America

"5KPlayer is totally free and safe to mirror and record anything on your iPhone screen after mirroring it on computer without adware, spyware, or any other factors that may be a threat to the security and privacy of your computer and iPhone."


"With this handy media streamer, you can share the contents of your iOS device with family and friends quickly and easily without fumbling for a cable. But that’s not the only media problem this free, all-in-one software will solve."

-Cult of Mac

"Working with the app leaves a pleasant impression. Everything is done aesthetically beautifully and without technical glitches. 5KPlayer definitely deserves a place at the top of the best media players!"


"All in all, if you don’t want to be bothered by any problems when enjoying your favorite movies, videos, and music, then 5K Player is definitely your choice. It is much better than your regular player and it will turn any device into a mini-movie studio."

-Android Apps for Me

"I recommend 5KPlayer to all media player seekers not only because it is versatile, but also because of its simplicity."

-3rd Planet Techies

"I think 5KPlayer surprises me. I barely knew 5KPlayer before, but after using it for a while; I find it is versatile and reliable. I especially love the downloading feature and crisp UI. Well done, I say."

-Olivia Allen

"Este software é uma mistura entre leitor multimédia, um media streamer AirPlay e, muito vantajoso, permite descarregar vídeos de serviços online."


"A new program from Digiarty called 5kplayer bills itself as being what a proper media player should be. And having tried it, I tend to agree that it's a pretty impressive piece of work."

-gizmo's freeware

Europe - Africa

"In addition, the tool supports almost all media formats and provides you with an easy interface. Therefore if you are planning to switch to a better media player, then 5KPlayer should be on your list today."


"Το 5KPlayer είναι ένα δωρεάν και εύκολο στη χρήση πρόγραμμα αναπαραγωγής βίντεο 4K, το οποίο μπορούν να χρησιμοποιήσουν, άφοβα, όλα τα μέλη της οικογένειας. Δεν θα σας απογοητεύσει ποτέ η λειτουργικότητά του και εγγυάται 100% ασφάλεια, κατά την χρήση. Δοκιμάστε το!"


"Ce logiciel est donc très pratique et vous permettra de faire pas mal de choses autour de la vidéo et de la musique."


"Euch ist der vorinstallierte QuickTime Player zu langsam, VLC ist zu kompliziert und unsortiert? Dann können wir Euch den 5KPlayer von DearMob empfehlen!"


"5KPlayer est un logiciel touche-à-tout sous Windows et Mac qui fait office de serveur DLNA, de lecteur multimédia, d'enregistreur YouTube, mais sa force réside dans sa capacité à lire des vidéos 4K HEVC ou MKV UHD."

-Android MT

"5KPlayer è molto più di un lettore multimediale! Riproduce qualsiasi file audio o video, trasmette AirPlay e scarica audio e video da oltre 300 siti!"


"To sum it all up, 5KPlayer is a handy tool that leaves no room for disappointment. It's a media player that offers a lot of goodies for an unbeatable price: it's also free."

-Software Informer

"Hier ist der kostenlose 5KPlayer ein ideales Werkzeug, da er sich perfekt in Windows 10 integriert und alle Arten von Videos abspielen kann."


"5KPlayer es una suite multimedia muy completa, con prestaciones y un acabado técnico que habitualmente sólo se encuentran en aplicaciones de pago. Puedes comprobarlo por tí mismo, pues está disponible completamente gratis, en versión completa."

-Computer Hoy.com

"Si vous avez un iPhone ou un iPad sous iOS 10, vous avez peut-être rencontré des problèmes pour diffuser en Airplay sur Mac ou Windows. Avec le logiciel 5KPlayer, tout est facile!"


"Учитывая, что 5KPlayer распространяется совершенно бесплатно, это настоящая находка практически для любого владельца компьютера Mac, особенно если он любит смотреть на своем устройстве фильмы и прослушивать музыку."


"Although there are various media player software in the market, none of them is as comprehensive as 5KPlayer."

-How-to Geek

"Odtwarzacz multimedialny, który poradzi sobie z odtwarzaniem najpopularniejszych formatów cyfrowej muzyki i filmów, oferując przy tym dodatkowe funkcje."

-Komputer Swiat

"مع ان عددها أصبح المئات وربما بالآلاف إلا أن برمجيات تشغيل ملفات الوسائط المتعددة في غالبيتها العظمى مازالت تقدم ذات الميزات إلا بفروق بسيطة مايجعل التميز في هذا المجال اليوم أصعب من أي وقت مضى , ومن بين هذا العدد الهائل من برمجيات تشغيل الوسائط لفت نظرنا برنامج 5KPlayer يبدو أنه ليس كباقي المشغلات الأخرى ."


Asia - Oceania

"5KPlayer is not only a DVD video music player, but also built with AirPlay, has effortlessly entered this crowded sphere and carved a niche in the hearts of many Windows and Mac users."


"This software is not only ideal for 4k and 8k video playing but also is capable of supporting high-resolution videos through its powerful hardware acceleration option for seamless video performance.."


"Tuy nhiên với việc hổ trợ các định dạng âm thanh, video mới thì 5KPlayer hơn hẵn các phần mềm khác vì hổ trợ rất nhiều tính năng All in one và còn có tính năng tải nhạc Online từ Youtube."


"5K Player is a free media player, despite being quite advanced and feature-rich. Basically users get a HEVC player to Play 4K Videos, an all-in-one Video downloader, Movie streamer and Mirror-feature, and even live-radio."


"Well, I'm glad to say that 5KPlayer has successfully replaced my previous video players and the software is just amazing. Not only to play the HD videos but it also offers several other efficient features."


"Phần mềm 5KPlayer for Mac phát nhạc, xem video, nghe đài trên máy Mac với chất lượng cao, đồng thời hỗ trợ tải về các video từ nhiều website trực tuyến."


"5KPlayer is a one-step solution for your multimedia problem. You don't need any other player when you have a 5KPlayer."

-Tech Tricks World

"I can tell you its best VLC player alternative you will able to get in comparing features and specs. I personally recommend, every reader of KeepTheTech to use this amazing software."


"除了支援多個格式以及全高清播放之外,連 4K 解像度影片也可以順利在任何 Mac 機播放,包括小編的 11 吋 MacBook Air,當然,4K 影片最適合都是在 Retina 5K iMac 以 5K Player 播放了。"


"When you and others no longer need to huddle together to watch a movie, your cell phone is acting as a remote controller. It lets your media content rock over air!"

-The Smart Phone App Review

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