Twitch for Roku Not Available? How to Watch Twitch on Roku?

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: August 02, 2021 | 5 Min Read


  • Official Twitch app for Roku is no longer available since 2017, so watching Twitch on Roku is a hard thing.
  • If you have old version of Twitch app installed on Roku, chances are that you can stream Twitch on Roku but with bugs and broken features.
  • Even without official Twitch app, you can get Twitch on Roku TV by AirPlay from iOS, Chromecast from Android or DLNA from PC.

Twitch is a very popular platform full of Esports, music, gameplay contents that helps improve adhesiveness of users to devices built with Twitch, including Windows/macOS PCs, Android/iOS mobile phones, Fire TVs, Playstaion, Xbox and Apple TV. Twitch for Roku was once available before Twitch’s acquisition by Amazon which is one of the competitors of Roku. The Roku’s absence in the list makes the inability to download Twitch app but only receiving a "shut down" error message. Accordingly, can you watch Twitch on Roku TV? The answer is yes and we will figure it out below.

Watch Twitch on Roku TV from PC/Mac with 5KPlayer

5KPlayer, with built-in DLNA function, will allow you to stream Twitch VOD contents and live streams from computer to Roku TV wirelessly. Simply play Twitch stream URL and cast to Roku TV with 5KPlayer, you can still use your Roku TV for years.

Watch Twitch on Roku