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How to Stream PC to Smart TV? Compare and Choose Best Way

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: May 18, 2020

Streaming from PC to smart TV seems very easy, almost all smart TVs like Sony, LG, Samsung as well as PCs include Windows 8 and Windows 10 have built-in the media streaming support now. However, sometimes we find that the Media Streaming options cannot be turned on because of the lossing of referral file or conflicting with other system settings. PC users have tried to fix the problem but it seems much more complex than our imagination.

methods to solve media streaming options cannot turn on

Tried 12 ways (should include the "saying 'pleeeeeeeeeeease' to computer" as the NO. 13 method?) to fix but all in vain? Turned on the media streaming server on the smart TV, but it failed to search and connect to the PC? Don’t worry, here is the comparison of different methods to help you to find the easiest and most efficient way to achieve streaming from Windows PC to smart TV.

2-in-1 Best Free Airplay & DLNA Server for Windows PC and MacBook

5KPlayer enables DLNA feature to stream video music from Android to PC, PC to smart TV, and Airplay feature to screen mirror content from iPhone to Mac, MacBook to smart TV. It supports streaming UHD video up to 4K in most video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, AAC and even DVDs. Also, 5KPlayer is a useful light-weight video tool for recording the mirroring video on PC and Mac, adding subtitle, cutting video clips, rotating video, adjusting playback speed and so on. Free download and add it to your video toolbox now!

dlna pc to smart TV

3. Streaming Server Software for PC

As mentioned above, almost smart TVs come with media streaming receiver today, but it is the opposite true for PC. If you are using old computers and cannot turn on media streaming options, or using a light and thin laptop without HDMI adaptor, find a streaming software for PC to turn it a streaming server is necessary.

We have tested many of the media streaming software and here just mention the best free one – 5KPlayer. 5KPlayer is a free powerful multifunction media player, except playing music and videos in the popular formats, it built-in with Airplay and DLNA feature to mirror the playing content from phone to PC, PC Mac to smart TV without hassle. If you do not want to play 4K video on the PC that only supports 1080p display, miracasting the video from PC to smart 4K TV can give you a surprising visual experience.

☆ Price:

☆ Pros:
Supports video in varies formats
Supports 4K streaming
No physical addition needed

☆ Cons:
Wi-Fi needed
PC only (Windows and macOS)

Connect PC and Smart TV with 5KPlayer

How to streaming MacBook to smart TV?

Step 1: Download and install 5KPlayer, launch it on your Mac PC. Make sure the MacBook and TV are connected to the same network.

Step 2: Click on "DLNA Airplay" on the interface to open the streaming setting options, then scroll down to "Airplay", find and turn on "Airplay service".

Step 3: Click "DLNA" icon on the top right corner, select the TV that you want to stream to.

Step 4: Click on the "Video" button on the user interface to play the video you want to stream to smart TV with 5KPlayer.

Convert VOB to MP4, AVI, MOV

* If you want to stream from Windows PC to Apple TV, download Apple Bonjour and then use the Airplay service of 5KPlayer.
* You can either pause, fast-forward, play the next one on 5KPlayer to control the playback on TV.
* It is necessary to connect the PC and TV with the same Wi-Fi network.
* To stream a video in an unsupported format, use 5KPlayer to convert it to MP4 format.

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