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Trim Video VLC | How to Cut Video in VLC Player?

Posted by Amanda Hu | Last updated: October 22, 2019

Cutting video into clips to save certain splendid frames is never been easier with VLC when watching a blockbuster. Besides that, VLC also allows for video trimming to make small segments for uploading to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, and helps cut out the dead boring parts of the content recorded with iPhone, GoPro or other digital cameras. So, how to trim video with VLC player? Here are detailed steps.

Trim Video VLC not Working? Best VLC Alternative to Cut Videos

VLC realizes video cutting by recording the video, and that's actually a quality loss process. To cut a video with 100% original quality, 5KPlayer is a better choice. It allows you to directly trim a 4K HD 1080p 360° video while playing, and also rotate video, control playback speed and adjust color balance.

Video Cutting Player

How to Cut Video in VLC Media Player?

Step 1. Open your VLC media player and click on View in the menu bar to check "Advanced Controls". Then, you will see "Record" icon is here. If you haven't installed VLC player, please download VLC on your computer first.

Trim Video VLC

Step 2. Play the video you want to trim with VLC player. Drag the progress bar to navigate to the time you want to begin recording. Alternatively, you can click on the "Frame by Frame" button to pinpoint the exact time you wish to begin recording.

Step 3. After deciding which part you want to cut with VLC, you can press the Record button. The recording has started, so make sure your video is playing. At the end of the desired section, press the Record button again. Now, VLC has cut the video completely for you. By default, the video cut will be automatically saved to Videos library on your computer. If you want to manually set the destination folder to save the video cut, you can click on Tools > Preferences > Input/Codecs > Browse in the "Record directory or filename" to set destination folder.

How to Cut Video in VLC

The shortcomings of VLC video cut: Trimming video with VLC will sacrifice some quality indeed as VLC sometimes can't record all the details of a video especially the 4K HDR media. Besides, you can't skip the video during recording, so you have to play the video from beginning to the end if the video cut is hour long. And VLC crashing problem will happen if the long-time video cut is in high resolution and bit rate.

Under such circumstances, why not try an excellent VLC alternative that can play as well as cut videos into small clips. 5KPlayer, a highly-praised video cutting player, is the best choice.

How to Cut Video in 4K HDR 360° without Time Limits and Quality Loss?

5KPlayer just upgraded to version 6.0 to be a versatile video cutting player for perfect video trimming. You can directly cut a video into segments for collection or uploading while playing a video, as well as rotate the video to the desired direction. Advanced settings like playback speed adjustment, volume control and color balance are also provided in this player.

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