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How to Create Playlists in VLC? M3U/IPTV/Local Playlists

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: July 24, 2020 | 4 Min Read

"How do I create a playlist in VLC media player? How do I edit a playlist in VLC? How do I make a playlist on VLC? How to set up a playlist in VLC? How do I create, name, and save a playlist on Windows PC?"

"I'm trying to create a playlist on VLC for mac in the year 2019 and it seems like it is still a near impossible task."

"The simple act of setting up a playlist on VLC is a nightmare!"

What? A bit surprised at hearing people complaining about having trouble creating playlist in VLC. Isn't it just one of the many basic features of a decent media player? Not even believing it after doing some searches. It is true that VLC playlist issue has been for a fairly long history of over 5 years and hasn't been settled yet. Though it is confirmed that the overhauled playlist feature will be added in the VLC 4 upgrade, it is still yet to come at hand.

Here I would like to share several ways to create new playlists in VLC, including local media playlists and IPTV m3u/m3u8 playlists.

Pissed-off by VLC Playlist Trouble? Use 5KPlayer Instead

The free VLC alternative 5KPlayer gives the most intuitive playlist creating experience for all users as a gesture to provide the most user-friendly media services. Within one click, you can create a playlist, add songs/videos to new playlist, tag your favorite media items. It also offers gapless media playlist playback experience for listening/watching live music albums.

VLC MP3 Player Alternative

Hate VLC Playlist? Use 5KPlayer, A User-friendly Solution

5KPlayer is a great workaround when you have had enough VLC. Playlists in 5KPlayer can be easily set up for gapless playback in loops and for DLNA streaming to other devices/speakers wirelessly. Users can also tag their favorite songs/videos to default "Favorites" playlist directly.

This media streaming player also supports M3U8/M3U IPTV playlist streams and live internet radio stations, with advanced features including online video download, AriPlay Mirroring/recording, DLAN streaming. It is a simple, flat-out media player with elegant UI design and features to deliver the most user-friendly media service. If in trouble using 5KPlayer, our support team will provide instant answers and solutions to take care all your needs.

VLC Playlist Workaround

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