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UMPlayer for Windows 10 Free Download Guide & Review

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

UMPlayer for Windows 10 free download guide and freshly served test review here! Based on MPlayer and SMPlayer, the first impression of UMPlayer is good to me. However, as UMPlayer official website is down, UMPlayer safe download sources are scattering around mostly on the remaining download sites, and not all of them now still provide the authentic version of UMPlayer. Therefore, to get the right UMPlayer free download and in the meantime avoid those old gobbledygook hodgepodges about UMPlayer features written by download-site editors and publisher, which are far away from the real experience, follow the UMPlayer Windows 10 free download guide below and read our hand-on UMPlayer test review.

UMPlayer for Windows 10 Free Download Alternative

Get UMPlayer Windows 10 free alternative – 5KPlayer to play 10bit 3D 4K UHD videos from local storage, YouTube and other online 300+video sites. Free download and stream video audios to enjoy on bigger screens and better speakers. Download 5KPlayer now!

UMPlayer for Windows 10 Free Download

UMPlayer Free Download for Windows 10 Guide

UMPlayer for Windows 10 free download source is very tricky to locate. I tried downloading it from Softonic, CNET, and Sourceforge, yet the set up file could not be loaded until I arrived at Filehippo and downloaded the whole UMPlayerPortable.rar. So if you want to donwload UMPlayer, head to Filehippo directly.

FYI, the files contained in the compressed UMPlayer Windows 10 download file was last updated 6 years back in 2011, and you might also want to find out what the Restore.exe is, since when I double click on it, nothing responds.

Download and Install UMPlayer for Windows 10
UMPlayer for Windows 10 UI

Now I finally come at the main UI of UMPlayer for Windows 10. Though its skin is somehow ugly, the whole buttons and design are quite easy to understand with rich settings and functions. And since then, i discovered many issues doing my hands-on test:

Poor YouTube and Radio Connections
The first eye catching function of UMPlayer Windows 10 is YouTube and Shoutcast built-in search and play. But when I type in star wars for search, the YouTube search windows remains like below, while Shoutcast radio can at least provide some results.

UMPlayer for Windows 10 Problems

Then I further clicked on one item in Shoutcast, but what awaited me was the endless buffering. Tried several times and ended up with same result. Then I turned to YouTube URL for online watching feature, and not surprisingly, we got the same black buffering window.

UMPlayer for Windows 10 Problems

Lagging Video Codec Support
Regular files like mp4 h264 music video and Mp3 audios can get easily played in this player, buti tested a 10 bit video which fails to open freezing on a black playing window. The thing is, neither H265 codec nor VP9/vp8 codec is supported and without hardware-acceleration high depth videos can hardly find their oppotunities to get presented. So if you want to playback those demanding files, you might as well have to download additional codec packs for UMPlayer on Windows 10.

Obvious Bugs
1. Every time I slide the tool bar for browsing, or remain clicking on a button, Shoutcast "Top 500 Stations Today" will keep automatically popping up afterwards.
2. The control buttons for screenshot and view file info are garbled,
3. and the audio playback would get stuck at one choppy sound, not synchronizing with the video, when you speed up the playback above 16, etc.

The sad thing is, since their official site together with support team is down, you can hardly get any technical support if anything major function goes wrong while you are in the middle of the trouble. Therefore, the conclusion is easy to draw:

Umplayer for Windows10 free Download Not Recommended!

Here I truly recommend you 5KPlayer as one of the best free alternatives to UMPlayer for Windows 10. It solves UMPlayer can't play latest codec and 4K/8K videos, and enables you to free stream and download VR 3D video audios. Stable performance with hardware accelerated playback horsepower add brilliance to the overall functionality. Just simply download and install this free UMPlayer alternative free H.265 player and 4K 8K UHD player, you are free to play any video formats. Better still, it even enables you to convert video from online video to MP3 for ringtones or just for listening.

Download UMPlayer for Windows 10 Alternative

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