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Tips to Fix MPlayerX 1.1.1 for El Capitan Issues

Why is MPlayerX suddenly not working when upgrade Mac OS to El Capitan? How to solve MPlayerX for El Capitan issues? The developer of MPlayerX has already updated the program from MPlayerX 1.1.0 to MPlayerX 1.1.1 in order to fix the issues between MPlayerX and El Capitan but only fixed some minor problems like pixilation problem in El Capitan and window not disappear when finishing video playback in El Capitan. Looks like there is no cure to solve MPlayerX not working on El Capitan since it is a technique problem, so what, just let it be? No, there is always a way to work around the issue of MPlayerX had with El Capitan.

Best MPlayerX Alternative for El Capitan Free Download

Don't blame Apple for not letting MPlayerX work properly on Mac El Capitan, don't blame the developer of MPlayerX for not come up a solution to fix the issue between MPlayerX and El Capitan, but try 5KPlayer – the free MPlayerX alternative to solve MPlayerX not working on Mac El Capitan at one go.

Solve MPlayerX El Capitan issue

>>> Guide to 4K 8K UHD Videos Free Play/Download/AirPlay <<<

As one of the best video players for Mac, MPlayerX has always been the main competitor to VLC and 5KPlayer. MPlayerX has great interface that's very similar to QuickTime and is very easy to use, but when comes to its main duty of playing video on Mac, especially on El Capitan, it just falters. Look at the main problems MPlayerX had with El Capitan below:

Problems of MPlayerX Had on Mac El Capitan: :
- MPlayerX now does NOT work well when enter/exit Full screen in EI Capitan by dragging the window in Mission Control, and there is often Mplayer white screen problem.
- MPlayerX on OS X suddenly doesn't interpolate video anymore?
- El Capitan busted video playback with MPlayerX.
- El Capitan has screwed up my MPlayerX 1.1.0, videos are slightly pixelated. Smooth curves like the outline of a face from the profile will be slightly jagged.

A lot of suggestions come up on internet, basically recommending to reinstall MPlayerX, but it actually makes no difference. You can only make it run smoothly after downgrading your Mac to Yosemite to fix MPlayerX El Capitan issue, but that will be missing the point. All in all, it is not an OS X related issue because other players like 5KPlayer are running perfect, so the main solution to solve MPlayerX El Capitan issue here is to replace your MPlayerX with the best free MPlayerX alternative for El Capitan – 5KPlayer!

"I've been using 5KPlayer for a while now, I much prefer it to MPlayerX. I have never had any issues with lag or sync, and it has handled some HD video on my MacBook that no other media player, including VLC, could handle."

5KPlayer is the ultimate solution to solve MPlayerX El Capitan issue, since this HD video player plays literally everything on Mac El Capitan. Such as video in MKV, MP4, AVI, WebM, Xvid, etc and music in MP3, AAC, WMA, and more. Just a little more to note that if anyone is on an old PPC Mac and it struggles with videos, you have to try this best MPLayerX alternative. It is able to squeeze more out of the CPU!

How to Free Play Videos on El Capitan with MPlayerX Alternative?

Step 1: Free download the best free MPlayerX alternative on your Mac El Capitan. Install and open it. Click "5KPlayer" on the top, instead of "Library".

Step 2: Among the listed icons, choose the first one – "Video" and then open your local computer and add the source video file from your computer. 5KPlayer accepts any video formats, resolution and definition including 4K 8K. Then it just plays the video directly.

MPlayerX Alternative

Step 3: 5KPlayer enables you to view your Playlists in the "Library", from which you can choose to open directly, convert HD/4K video and manage your media.

Step 4: You can pause/play, fast-forward, fast-backward, drag the progress bar, adjust volume and access AirPlay feature. This MPlayeX alternative renders movies better than anything else available, and does so even without loading shades, treaking contrast and saturation. Besides, you are allowed to choose audio track and subtitle track of the video on the top of the UI as you wish.

Play videos with MPlayerX alternative

Better still, in addition to play HD/UHD video files on Mac El Capitan, this MPlayerX alternative is also a powerful online video downloader for El Capitan that download movies like The Jungle Book, Zootopia, Superman V Batman, such latest movies from 300+ online video sites. Plus, if you are not satisfied of watching on the small screen mac, you can alwasy AirPlay or mirror video from Mac El Capitan to Apple TV with this MPlayeX alternative for free!

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