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Getting started with 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is the best free media player to play MKV, FLV, MP4, 4K 5K UHD, 1080p HD, 720p videos, DVDs, radio, play MP3 AAC music audio files, stream video music in Windows (10), mirror record iPhone/iPad screen, download online videos from YouTube (Vevo), Vimeo, Facebook, etc.


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Overview - Main Interface

5KPlayer Main Interface

1. Supported Play Sources: Videos, Music, DVDs, Live(Radio)

2. YouTube: Support 300+ free online video sites. It enables you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

3. AirPlay: Stream video music from iPhone iPad to computer, or from computer to Apple TV. AirPlay mirror record iPhone iPad screen.

Overview - Media Library

5KPlayer Media Library

1. Favorites: If you like the movie or music, you can click "heart" icon to add it to your Favorites list. "heart" icon first.

2. YouTube: Videos and music downloaded from YouTube will appear in YouTube list.

3. Playlist: Playlist includes Movies and music from your local drive.

4. AirRecord: AirPlay recorded videos by mirroring recording.

5. New list: You can also add any new play list you want by clicking "+ New list" button, and entering the name of the list.

6. Add & Delete: Add and delete button will help your organize media files.

7. Convert: Convert video to MP3, AAC or MP4.

Overview- Play Feature

5KPlayer Play Video

1. Playback Area: This is where the video is displayed.

2. Play/Pause Button: This button will play or pause the video that is playing.

3. Previous & Next Resource Buttons: These buttons will let you play the previous or next resource.

4. Volume Slider: Drag the slider bar to adjust the volume or click the horn on the left or right to minimize or maximize the volume.

5. Rotate Left (Right) 90°: Click the "Rotate left" or "Rotate right" buttons to rotate the video in 90° increments.

6. Chapter: Click Chapter button to see the Chapter you are playing or select the chapter you want to play.

7. Subtitle: Click subtitle track button to select subtitle track or disable subtitle.

8. Audio: Click Audio Track button to select the audio track or just disable audio.

9. AirPlay: Select a device for AirPlay.

10. Close: Click the close button on the top left corner of the playing window to stop playing and the program will go back to the initial interface.

11. Playback option: Repeat and Shuffle options are just the same as iTunes, very easy to use.

12. Screenshots: Click to take snapshots of your favorite scenes.

Overview - Control Panel

5KPlayer Control Panel

1. Open File: Check to select recourse and the program will play it immediately.

2. File: Click to open video, music, DVD or VIDEO-TS, or clear menu.

3. Play: Play/Pause, Stop playing, or select to play previous or next resource.

4. Video: Click to select video track, title; enable or disable Deinterlace and Transform; and set Video Tuner.

5. Audio: Select audio track; enable or disable Mute; increase or decrease volume; and set equalizer style.

6. Subtitle: Select subtitle track or load external subtitle file.

7. Synchronization: Set time to make audio (subtitle) sync with video.

8. Stay on Top: Choose always or never stay on top or stay on top while playing.

9. Full screen: Click to enter or exit full screen.

10. Convert: If you need to convert your DVD and MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, AVI videos to a format for AirPlay, click Converter and it will bring you to our all-in-one DVD video converter software.

11. File Format Association: Select the file format you want to associate with 5KPlayer.

12. Settings: Set your preferences for General setting, Air Play feature, Downloader and subtitle.

13. Hardware Acceleration: Click to lower CPU demand and RAM system when playing large file.

14. Media Info: Get the video's information, such as Source, Track info, Format.

Overview - 5KPlayer Shortcuts List

Ctrl+A (Library) Select All
Ctrl+Left-click Multi-select
Shift+Left-click Area-select
Ctrl+O/F Open Video Files
Ctrl+S Stop
Ctrl+F Open Folder
Ctrl+M Open Music
Ctrl+D Open DVD
Ctrl+T Open Video_TS
Alt+F4 Quit 5KPlayer
Enter Fullscreen
Win+up Fullscreen

Win+down (normal mode) Minimize Window
Space Pause/Play
Pageup Previous
Pagedown Next
Arrow Up Volume up
Arrow Down Volume down
Arrow Left Jump 5s backward, long press to skip playback backward.
Arrow Right Jump 5s forward, long press to skip playbackforward.
Scroll wheel Adjust window size
F8 Snapshot
F2 Settings
Esc Exit Popup Window

Overview- Settings (General, Downloader, Subtitle)

5KPlayer General Settings


1. Stay on top: Always or While Playing or Never.

2. Close player: Minimize to tray or Exit.

3. Open at login: Decide whether to open 5KPlayer when start your computer.

4. Check for updates: How long to check for updates.

5. SnapShot folder: Destination to save snapshot photos.

6. Convert folder: Destination to save video to music converted files.

5KPlayer Downloader Settings


1. Preferred video format: Choose the preferential video format as default to download.

2. Preferred video resolution: Select a preferential video resolution as default to download.

3. Proxy: Use a proxy IP to download video music.

4. Video download folder: The destination folder to save downloaded files.

5KPlayer Subtitle Settings


1. Default encoding: Different language requires a different encoding type.

2. Font: Default subtitle font type.

3. Font size: Change subtitle font size as normal, small or large, etc.

4. Autodetect fuzzy: Choose how to detect local subtitle.

5. Text default color & Opacity.

6. Background color & Opacity.

How to AirPlay videos from iPhone/iPod/iPad to computers

Make sure your computer and iPhone/iPad/iPod are in the same network before you can use AirPlay.

5KPlayer AirPlay

Step One: First, you need to run 5KPlayer on your Windows PC. After you've added your AirPlay-enabled devices like iPhone, iPad and Windows to the same network, they can automatically detect all its receivers.

Step Two: You just need to swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access control center and tap AirPlay. A list of AirPlay enabled devices will appear. Choose the name of your PC to connect. Or you can AirPlay during your playback on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, simply click the icon on lower right of your iPhone/iPad/iPod screen, choose the computer you want to AirPlay to.

Tips: 1. If you are running an AirPlay-enabled application, such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc, the AirPlay icon will be visible in the video's navigation bar, you just need to tap the icon and choose the devices you would like to AirPlay to.
2. It is not suggested to turn on "Mirroring", because 5KPlayer does not support mirroring iPhone/iPad/iPod screen at this moment.

Step Three: Once you tap the name, you are connected to the computer and could immediately begin streaming video music from AirPlay-enabled devices and apps to 5KPlayer and watch your media files on bigger screen.

5KPlayer AirPlay Receiver

How to AirPlay videos from computer to computer/Apple TV

Make sure your two computers are in the same network signal before you can AirPlay.

5KPlayer AirPlay Sender

Step One: Double Click 5KPlayer, AirPlay tab is on the upper right corner of the interface. Click AirPlay tab and choose the Apple TV from the drop-down menu. If you have multiple Apple TVs on your network, select the one to which you would like to mirror. Once the AirPlay is enabled the AirPlay tab will turn red.

Step Two: Add Video/Music to the program and it will automatically AirPlay to the computer/Apple TV you connect. You can also AirPlay during video music playback on your computer. Just click Airplay and choose the computer/Apple TV you want to AirPlay.

Note: Currently, AirPlay only supports videos in MP4, M4V, MOV and music in MP3, AAC. If you need to AirPlay DVD, MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc, you need the assistance of video converter software to convert your DVDs and video files to the format for AirPlay.

5KPlayer AirPlay MKV AVI

How to AirPlay mirror record iPhone iPad screen on computers

Mirroring & recording iPhone iPad screen on computer is aided by AirPlay.

5KPlayer AirPlay

How to Mirror: Launch 5KPlayer on your computer. Swipe up from the button of your iPhone iPad to open the Control Center. Then click "AirPlay Mirroring" to connect iPhone iPad with 5KPlayer.

Tips: Mirroring is set up as default when active AirPlay after iOS 10.

How to Record: If you need to record iPhone iPad screen, just hit the red circle on the computer to start recording. When you complete recording, click the icon again. The recorded video will show in "AirRecord" playlist on Library.

How to Stop Mirroring: Once you finish mirroring, go straight to Control Center of iPhone iPad, and choose "Turn Off AirPlay Mirroring" to stop screen mirroring on computer.

5KPlayer AirPlay Receiver

How to add video/music for playback

5KPlayer Add Video

There are several ways to add videos/music for playback:

1. Add Video/Music from the program. Click the Video or Music icon on the main interface of 5KPlayer, choose the video or music you want to play and press Open. You can also double click the video or music to enable playing.

2. Add Video/Music from Menu. Go File ->Open Video or Open Music

5KPlayer Add Video

3. Add Video/music via "Drag and Drop" Drag and Drop the video/music to the main interface or program icon.

5KPlayer Add Video

4. Right click on the media file and choose 5KPlayer to open. Once a video file is opened, 5KPlayer will be made as the default player for your computer. You can double click your media file it supports to open with 5KPlayer.

5. Right click on the main interface. Right click on the main interface of 5KPlayer and choose Open Media File. Locate the media file and click Open to play.

6. Open music/video with keyboard combinations:
Ctrl + O: Open video
Ctrl + M: Open music

How to play DVD via 5KPlayer

There are three ways to play a DVD disc via 5KPlayer.

5KPlayer DVD Play

1. Click the DVD icon in the main interface of 5KPlayer to load a DVD in DVD drive for playback and click Open to play. PS, if you want to play DVD disc on your iPhone, iPad and other devices, please try WinX DVD Ripper.

2. Go Menu -> File -> Open DVD Disc. You are also able to open a DVD VIDEO_TS folder in Menu -> File -> Open VIDEO_TS.

3. Open music/video with keyboard combinations:
Ctrl + D: Open DVD
Ctrl + T: Open VIDEO_TS

How to listen to radios with 5KPlayer

5KPlayer Radio Play

Step One: Click the Radio icon in the main interface of 5KPlayer.

Step Two: Copy and Paste a radio URL and click Play. BBC Sport Live, CBS Sports Radio, NBC Sports and music Radios are preset in the program, you can just double click the icon to listen to radios you like.

How to convert any video to MP3/AAC

5KPlayer Convert Video

Step One: Click video on Library to find Convert.

Step Two: Click Convert to convert video to whether MP3 or AAC format. After conversion, you will find the audio in Music playlist.

How to active Hardware Acceleration

5KPlayer Hardware Acceleration

Step One: Right click on Main Interface to find Hardware Acceleration.

Step Two: Click Dxva2 to enable hardware acceleration. Then close the window. After enable hardware acceleration, your CPU consumption would decrease.

How to customize file association (change default player)

5KPlayer File Format Association

Step One: Right click on 5KPlayer Main Interface to find File Format Association.

Step Two: Untick any or all the file format/s to disassociate, and click Apply. Then files in below unticked format won't be opened with 5KPlayer by default.

5KPlayer File Association

How to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more

5KPlayer Download YouTube

Step One: First, go to the YouTube page containing the video you want to save.

Step Two: Open 5KPlayer and click the YouTube tab. Click Paste URL & Analyze.

Step Three: Click Download button to download YouTube videos.

Tip: You can free to choose any video format and resolution available in the original YouTube video with the gear icon.

5KPlayer Choose Video Resolution

How to download YouTube directly to audio music

5KPlayer enables you download video directly to audio music without conversion.

5KPlayer YouTube to MP3

Step One: First, follow the above steps to analyze a video.

Step Two: Click Gear icon to choose video resolution, and click Show All to see more.

Step Three: Scroll down the last, and you will find the audio forms. Choose one you prefer to download.

Tip: Click hide to show less formats.

How to download video with intact subtitle

5KPlayer also allows you to download video with subtitle if the original video contains one.

5KPlayer Download Subtitle

Step One: First, make sure the video has a subtitle. If it has, there will be CC icon beside the progress bar on YouTube.

Step Two: In resolution customization, you can see Subtitle below video resolution, click it.

Step Three: After the analyzing of subtitle finished, tick it and click done.

Tip 1: You can find the subtitle in the same folder of downloaded video after downloading.

Tips 2: If you can't play subtitle with video automatically, change the subtitle format .vtt to .srt and add it while playing the video.

How to download YouTube video playlists

5KPlayer also allows you to analyze and download video playlists.

5KPlayer Download Playlist

Step One: First, copy & paste the URL of video playlist for analyzing.

Step Two: After the result come out, click download button (for each video).

If you have any other question about 5KPlayer, please contact our support team: support@5kplayer.com

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