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How to Turn Computer into PS4 Media Server?

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Now that the PS4 media player has made it possible for a PS4 media server to connect to the game console to play MKV AVI MP4 videos, MP3 AAC music, or even photos. You may need to turn computer into a PS4 media server Windows 10 to share everything in the computer library to the bigger screen, now check to find out.

Set Up Your PS4 Media Server Using Free 5KPlayer

The DLNA-compliant 5KPlayer is 2019's best tool to turn computer into a PS4 media server to interoperate with the PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro or PS VR. It's an universal media player for 4K HDR videos, VR videos long before the DLNA streaming utility arrives in its version 5.1. Now download 5KPlayer below to turn computer into a PS4 media server.

PS4 Media Server

How to Stream PC to PlayStation 4 Wirelessly?

How to Turn PC Into a PS4 Media Server

Now check out how to set-up computer as a PS4 media server using 5KPlayer. Here below you may navigate through the list of your PS4 models to see how to set up computer as a PS4 media server before wirelessly streaming video or music.

Part 1: Turn Computer Into Media Server with 5KPlayer

Step 1: First free download, install and launch 5KPlayer for Windows. Make sure you connect to computer to the same WiFi network as the game console so that it can function appropriately as a PS4 media server.

Step 2: You may easily tag videos, music & movies files as sharable by lightening the "DLNA" icon for each of them.

DLNA server Windows 10

Step 3: Hit on the "DLNA + AirPlay" icon on the main UI of 5KPlayer, turn on "DLNA server", and now your computer is turned into an open PS4 media server which you can add media files to anytime you want.

Turn on PS4 Media Server Windows 10

PS4 Pro: Browse 4K UHD Videos on PS4 Media Server

If you have the PS4 Pro at home, don't waste its lifelike HDR color performance with any other PS4 media servers unless it's 5KPlayer. If you'd ask why, High Dynamic Range (HDR) technologies is one of the most cutting-edge color rendering skills born from Apple and would put HDR movies to stunning TV sets with unbelievably vibrant colors.

This makes one of the best HDR video players 2019 – 5KPlayer to be an ideal choice that turns computer into a PS4 media server for PS4 pro.

PS VR: Play 4K VR Content on TV from 5KPlayer

Even if you have the PlayStation 4 VR headset, the PS camera and VR games are for sale separately. But using the virtual reality gadget to play VR videos from a PS4 media server sounds really nice if you have 5KPlayer, which can download VR videos from the YouTube 360 channel, or directly play VR video files without hassle. Setting up & connect PC to PS4 VR is just like how to can do it with an ordinary PS4 model. But you're sure to be amazed by the virtual reality videos that aren't directly available in the game console.

PS4 VR Server

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