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Stream 2016 Rio Olympic Games to Apple TV HD TV

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Rio Olympic Games 2016 is here and now, this inspiring event has been grabbing every one's eyes all over the world. How do you play to watch your favorite athletes in the game? Stream the live games online with NBC app or stream on Apple TV with a best Olympic Games video player to flip through only your favorite sport events of the Rio Olympic Games and to watch the athletes's show that you most cared about? I guess the second option is gonna give you a greater Olympics enjoyment since you don't have to worry about the internet data and you get to watch the games on a big screen TV, you can even invite your friends over and watch the game together with no buffer and no screen freezing.

But how to stream 2016 Rio Olympic Games to Apple TV?

Download 5KPlayer - Stream Olympics 2016 to Apple TV for Free

Free download 5KPlayer, an award-winning free AirPlay sender and receiver that is able to stream Olympic Games 2016 from Mac/PC to Apple TV and enables you to watch 2016 Rio Olympics HD on Apple TV. You can also apply it to download 2016 Olympics best events and watch Olympic Games with your iPhone/iPad on the go.

Stream Rio Olympics to Apple TV

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The Best Way of Watching 2016 Olympic Games!

What's your original plan of watching 2016 Rio Olympic Games? Someone insist to watching live games with paid cable subscription, but first you need to make sure it has to include NBC since NBC is empowered exclusively to cover Olympic Games live streaming, check the full schedule of every Olympic events in case you miss one. Maybe you have to pick up the cable service you ditched long time ago or what if you don't have the satellite?

Let's look at other ways of watching 2016 Olympic Games without paying subscribe cable service:

1. Go to your friend's house to watch Olympics who happens to have cable service including NBC Sports Network (Just kidding ^^, but it is still an option though).

2. Watch Olympic Games replays on YouTube NBC channel, NBC is offering Olympic video highlights of the games on YouTube. But if you want to watch the games on TV, connecting your Mac or PC to TV with a long wire? Not a wise choice since you can use 5KPlayer to stream 2016 Olympic Games on Apple TV wirelessly. And in this way, you won't have any worries of video stuttering or potential ads.

To watch Rio Olympics on Apple TV, you'll need to download the NBC Sports app such as Roku, Android TV, Xbox, etc to your Apple TV. But you will still need the cable network provider login. Instead of paying the cable service to watch Rio Olympic Games on Apple TV via Apps, you can stream Olympic videos on Apple TV with 5KPlayer.

For the first time ever, you will have the chance to watch virtual reality Olympic Games of Rio, Check the best VR players you'll need.

How to Stream 2016 Olympic Games to Apple TV with 5KPlayer?

With built-in AirPlay technology, 5KPlayer both applicable on your Mac OS or Windows 10/8/7 PC to stream 2016 Olympics videos to Apple TV wirelessly with audio video syncing perfectly. It supports 4K Olympic videos streaming, once you have connect your Mac or PC to Apple TV with 5KPlayer, every Olympic events or highlights you played on your laptop will be synced to Apple TV spontaneously and you can then watch 2016 Olympic Games including Track and Field Events, gymnastics, and ball games, etc. on your HD TV while your computer is working other stuffs. Follow the steps below and get your Olympic Games streamed on Apple TV!

Step 1: Free download 5KPlayer – best free 2016 Olympic Games streamer on your Mac or PC.

Step 2: Open your Olympic Games video clip with 5KPlayer (if you don't have the videos, don't worry because you can always use 5KPlayer to download Olympic Games from 300+ websites which contains NBC 2016 Olympic videos.)

Step 3: When the Olympic video set on playing, click "AirPlay" button on the up right corner. From appeared target devices, choose "Apple TV".

Note : Make sure your Apple TV and your computer are on the same network or else 5KPlayer won't be able to reach Apple TV as the target device.

AirPlay 2016 Olympic Games to Apple TV

Close enough to Netflix service, 5KPlayer can also provide you millions of Sports games, movies, and music videos for streaming to Apple TV and let you free download and watch 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony, Rio de Janeiro Olympic anthem song and so on.

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