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Download Anime Videos from Top 13 HD Anime Sites Easy Fast

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 26, 2020

Looking for some HD anime download that provide 720p/1080p anime videos for free download so that you can download anime to watch on computer/Mac for personal use? If you're tired of some free anime websites that only have quite few HD anime episodes that are just not enough, take a look at this list of download anime websites like kissanime that delivers gigabytes of high res anime content in MP4 MKV FLV. If needed, you can also find some 4K UHD anime videos on the sites and download them with a 4K video downloader.

[Warning] YouTube music & copyright-protected contents are not supported for download.

How to Download 1080p/720p Anime Free from HD Anime Sites?

You need 5KPlayer - the non-faulty free HD anime download mate that can download anime episodes/videos from HD Anime sites like KissAnime, AniTube, GoGo Anime in 720p/1080p. With the customized resolution choice console, you can easily choose & download anime from HD anime sites.

Download Anime Videos

2. MasterAnime - All-You-Can-Eat HD Anime Site

Among all the available HD anime sites, MasterAnime is without doubt one designed for advanced anime buffs with dedicated options you can ever think of. Considering the different release date of the latest animes, this HD anime site features a navigation called "Schedule" which collects all the upcoming episodes of an ongoing anime, or even a new anime series that is about to release before long.

It's just suitable for an anime beginner as well, for MasterAnime scores each anime series from 0 to 5, enabling those who don't know where to start from picking up a high-score anime episode in 720p 1080p MP4, whether they want to download anime from HD anime websites or simply streaming it online.

How to Download Videos with HD Anime Highlights Downloader?

First make sure you are registered as a member of one of the HD anime sites, if you already have, enter username and code to login.

Step 1:Download the recommended HD anime video downloader for Windows or Mac free, install and launch it.

Step 2: Pick up the anime in 720p/1080p you want to download, click to visit the episode page, click play.

Step 3: When the video starts playing successfully, copy & paste URL to the downloader and click "Paste & Analyze".

Note: Hit "download" when you see the analyzing process is finished, choose the desired resolution you'd like the Anime episode to be downloaded into then wait for the free HD anime downloader to complete.

Download HD Anime Videos

Unlike other webpage video extracting tools, 5KPlayer is a standalone HD anime video downloader (360p/720p/1080) that permanently works with websites like KissAnime, you may also use it to download Hulu videos, it downloads animations by URL without doing harm to your computer. It's designated for HD animations with a robust download kernel.

[Notice] Check out the copyright laws in your country & region before trying to download videos from HD anime sites.

4. AnimeDao - HD Anime Download with Multiple Source of Videos


As an anime lover, waiting for the updates every week is both a very anxious but desirable business. AnimeDao surprises us that it marks the very specific update time of the new animation, not only has been online but also has the update countdown to let you know the ongoing anime content. Isn't it exciting enough to know that your favorite anime will be updated within the next hour?

The least amount of ads, and the HD anime watching online experience is smooth and clean. AnimeDao also provides a discussion part under the website, you can leave your comment or vote for the emoji icon to express your attitude towards this anime.

5. NWANIME - Commercial HD Anime Site


Stable service providing HD anime videos, yet nwanime.com is indeed a more commercial option than motube.net: Visit this HD anime site and it's not difficult to find the real anime video thumbnails surrounded by pop-up ads and other sponsor's info. There are just all the basic anime watching options available on nwanime.com, but at least lately they don't have plans for more creative ideas. By the time I visit this HD anime website in September, one of the page-top navigation tabs - Clans, doesn't seem to engage much anime buffs there (might be a new service though).

6. Gogoanime - Watch anime online, English anime online HD


Gogoanime is an ads-free online anime site provides download option for users. It provides really good watching experience such as various server choice and well-organized episodes, you can easily skip to the different server or episode. If you are a Naruto fan, you can see this is a Naruto themed anime website, and no matter which page you click and jump to on the site, you can find the lovely Naruto characters everywhere.

By the way, this HD anime site with very simple features focuses on providing anime content and information but does not have the community for anime fans.

7. AnimeLab - Free fast-tracked anime from Japan+


AnimeLab gives you a first impression that this is an HD anime site with bright and dazzling eye candies, and it has clearer information retrieval than many other sites and you can find the anime you want to watch according to different genres categories.

AnimeLab provides basic and premium plans for you to choose, you can try its free trial or keep a free account if you do not mind the ads and one week delayed simulcasts.

8. WatchCartoonOnline - HD Anime Site with Curator


If this is your first visit to watchcartoononline.com, take it easy. This is an HD anime site with bright orange interface which some users just complain about a little. If this is not a problem for you, then stay with it, for this is really a free HD anime website with rich, instantly-updated, and subbed anime videos and episodes. We tend to believe that watchcartoononline is an HD anime website with its own curator, or at least a sound counting system, for you can always find some most-welcomed, HD anime episodes on the middle-right chart for "Today's Anime List". It also makes it quite easy for you to go by Dubbed, Cartoon, or Subbed type. That being said, the scientific sorting system really makes it one of the easiest-to-use HD anime sites.

9. AnimeRam - HD Anime Websites


By the time you visit animeram.io, it feels like "wow it's a genuine HD anime site". With least amount of ads, animeram.io has a list of "latest""Subbed""Dubbed" and "Upcoming" videos or episodes, tagged by SUBBED/RAW and 95%+ contents are HD anime or better. Alongside the Big Three, animeram.io provides some uprising high quality episodes, such as Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 24. If you take a closer look, not hard to notice the green button "Random", which takes you to a you-dont-know-which HD anime episodes for instant streaming, pretty much a good choice if you'd like to discover a piece of new anime just for fun.

10. ANIMEFREAK.TV - HD Anime Websites


You may notice that you cannot find a button to manually switch resolutions of anime on AF.TV, but this is definitely a HD anime website. Different from other anime sites, you can see more information include brief introduction, comments from other fans and the popularity of this anime about this anime before you watching it, and these can help you decide whether to continue watching it.

What's more, you can easily navigate to the English subtitle anime, or English dubbed anime through the top navigation bar. It's rather user-friendly of animestreams.net to provide an A-Z list empowering you to choose & watch HD anime.

11. Crunchyroll - HD Anime Site with up to 11 Language Choices


Established in 2006, Crunchyroll is one of the early HD anime sites to offer binge-worthy anime content ranging from SD, 480p to 1080p. Though you'll need to register for a membership before you can start watching any of the shows/anime offered on Crunchyroll, its satisfactory image quality is sure to impress you by the time you start watching. In case you are after more than 1 anime a time, use the "Add to Queue" option on this HD anime websites so you catch up with each episode on time.

12. 9ANIME - Categorized HD Anime Site

9 Anime

The best part you'll like about 9Anime, without doubt, is its clear-cut anime genre classification, users can easily choose to watch Dementia, Demons, Ecchi, and Military or Sci-Fi anime movies in 720p 1080p or HD without hit-and-miss effort. There's an advanced filter allowing to watch anime series and episodes in HD, SD, TS, CAM or HD-Rip quality. In terms of a small amount of ads on the website, 9Anime request users' understandings that they maintain the server's service based on ads.

13. Animerush - 100% Ad-free Website for Anime Download & Watch


Through test watching 5 latest anime series, we're surprised to find that zero advertisement or sponsor info have been posted to Animerush - This high quality website maintains its 1080p anime content and stable server/proxy performance (seemingly) without 3rd-party support, and here's a subordinate forum: www.animeflame.net, hosting anime fans to discuss Naruto, Onepiece or other heated manga, roleplay topic frankly. Kindly be noted that you'll need to upgrade to the latest version of web browser (latest Adobe Flash Player web plugin) to stream smoothly.

Have you successfully downloaded animation videos with the best HD Anime videos downloader? Then take a look at more featured content like 2018 best Bluray movies list. If you haven't yet, pick up the very HD anime site you like and start downloading right now!

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