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How to Fix YouTube PiP Not Working Problems

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 27, 2020

YouTube has just sent our hearts into a joyful frenzy by offering a previous paid-only feature "YouTube Picture in Picture" (PiP) to all mass users. As its name suggests, this feature allow users to continue watching YouTube videos in a small windows when you switch to other apps. Now we don't have to be a YouTube Premium member anymore to be privileged to get the advanced feature. According to TechCrunch, the full rollout completed on Monday for Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher. Can't wait to try it out, yet fall back at encountering YouTube Picute in Picture not working/enabling problem? Here is your cure.

1. YouTube picture in picture not working on Pixel 2 Android >
2. Youtube picture in picture for Windows 10 not working >
3. Youtube picture in picture for iOS not working >

YouTube picture in picture not working on Pixel 2 Android

You want a floating Window for YouTube to stay open while you're chatting on your phone? YouTube now makes this nailed for you this summer for all non-Premium subscribers. However, there are still certain limitations of this feature, which might result in your Android YouTube PiP not working issue.

YouTube picture in picture not working possible causes and solutions:
1. YouTube picture-in-picture is currently only available in the U.S.;
This means that if you are not geographically within the spot, YouTube PiP won't work for you unless with a VPN;
2. Only Android mobile devices running Android version 8.0 Oreo or above;
YouTube PiP won't work on Android 8.0 lower, so, update your Android system to enjoy the feature;
3. Content creators have the option to disable PiP mode on a per-video basis;
This lead to some videos natively may not work with YouTube picture in picture even if you have it enabled on your phone. And for this, you can't control.
4. Music content is unavailable for PiP playback without a YouTube Premium subscription.
YouTube picture in picture won't work for music content, unless you are a YouTube Premium subscriber.

If you are in none of the above cases, to solve YouTube Picture in Picture not working issue on Android, you might need to clear YouTube app cache or boot your Android device in safe mode and test.
Also note that you can play a non-youtube video in apps like Duo, Play Movies, Chrome, which support PiP natively. For Chrome, PiP works with videos playing from sites when the video is playing in the fullscreen mode.

How to enable YouTube picture in picture on Android?

Step 1: Navigate to your Android settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special access > Picture-in-picture.
Step 2: Tap YouTube.
Step 3: Toggle "Allow picture-in-picture" ON.

Youtube picture in picture for Windows 10 not working

YouTube picture in picture actually can do so little for your same screen multi-tasking on Windows 10, since the feature is only limited to YouTube webpage only, and all you can do is only watching a YouTube video while commenting even blessed with this feature.

Youtube picture in picture not working on Windows 10 possible causes and solutions:
Since there's no YouTube app for Windows, and the only way to watch YouTube is through web browser. YouTube picture in picture won't work on Windows 10, unless you have a picture in picture compatible browser installed. Common web browsers - Firebox and Chrome are not PiP built-in compatible, therefore, you need to find corresponding extentions.

How to correctly enable youtube PiP for Windows 10
Step 1: Install and use Chrome browser;
Step 2: Go in to Chrome extension store;
Step 3: Download YouTube picture in picture extension;

This is also true for firefox browser, only with different extentions - Min Vid.

Youtube picture in picture for iOS not working

"PiP is currently available only on the Android version of the YouTube app and may never come to Apple devices, due to security restrictions in iOS that won't allow apps to behave this way (i.e. display floating widgets over other apps)." At present, only iPad supports built-in PiP feature to natively provide floating mini video window and the only way to enable youtube picture in picture on iPhone is jailbreak.

How to enable Picture in Picture mode in iPad

1. Launch a supported video app or web video.
2. Play the video.
3. Tap the PiP button to enter picture-in-picture mode.

Absent Java, Keepvid won't work. "For some sites you are downloading from, KeepVid requires Java (Runtime Environment) for the assistance in fetching download links." Therefore, no Java, no KeepVid.

Youtube picture in picture for macOS not working

Keep in mind that Picture in Picture mode is Safari-only for the time being, and you must be running the macOS Sierra beta to utilize the feature.

How to enable YouTube picture in picture on macOS

1. Vist YouTube on macOS from Safari;
2. Play a video
3. Right click on the video - the YouTube menu will come out;
4. Right click on the video again, to call out Safari's menu;
5. Select Picture-in-picture mode and you will get what you want.

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