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How to Solve Popcorn Time Not Connecting Not Loading Error

Written by Christina

"Popcorn Time is not connecting on my laptop! None of the series and movies is loading at all. It seems as though I'm stuck on the 'connecting' page. I can see the trailers, covers and the images of it but when I actually click 'Watch now' it only gets to the 'Connecting' page and doesn't do anything else at all."

Popcorn Time used to be a productive media center for watching movie torrents and listening music, but lately Popcorn Time always has the problem of not connecting/loading. Despite the algorithm problem of Popcorn Time its own, today we are going to solve Popcorn Time not connecting issue and return you the pleasure of watching free movies back.

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The easiest way to solve Popcorn time not loading problem is to replace it with the best free Popcorn Time alternative, namely 5KPlayer which, is another free combination of downloading and playing movies music swiftly without glitch.

 Solve Popcorn Time Not Connecting

Since the day Popcorn Time debuted, the users have shared the great convenience of watching tremendous movies series and before Popcorn Time not connecting issue exists, even the mainstream media like Washington Post at that time praised Popcorn Time as "making the normally 'sketchy' ecosystem of torrents more accessible by giving it a clean modern look and an easy-to-use interface."

Nevertheless after the original developers have quit the program, a couple of teams continued develop Popcorn Time on the base of the original Popcorn Time codec. And since then more features have been added on Popcorn Time such as supporting for Chromecast and AirPlay devices, running on Android devices, etc. More functions cause more trouble, no wonder Popcorn Times not connecting problem keeps happening and an ultimate solution – 5KPlayer is needed for fixing Popcorn time not loading movies for good.

The Main Reasons May Cause PopCorn Time Not Connecting:

★ Local Laws. European has bind Popcorn Time for a while due to the legal issue and in America, even it's not an official saying, MPAA would not let such program enable Americans to violate the copyright so easily. So it is normal that Popcorn Time not connecting and not loading movies occasionally.

★ Anti-virus software or Firewalls are keeping Popcorn Time from running. This is also a proved reason that causes Popcorn Time not connecting, there are also some other software you installed and launched on your device may not compatible with Popcorn Time.

The Best Free Solution to Fix Popcorn Time not Connecting (stuck on the connecting page):

The only best way to solve Popcorn Time not connecting/not loading issue is to replace Popcorn Time with the best free Popcorn Time alternative which tacitly approved to be 5KPlayer – the Popcorn Time liked video music player does exactly what Popcorn Time does. It solves Popcorn Time not connecting problem once and for all by:

1. Free download movies in 4K 8K and download Disney movies, download Hollywood movies such as The Revenant movie, Fantastic 4 fleetly with zero quality loss from over 300 online video sites including YouTube, Metacafe, Onlinemovie.pro, Xmovie8.co, etc.
2. Free play HD/UHD videos in MKV, AVI, MP4 and video codec of H.264, H.265, XviD, DviX, etc. directly and smoothly without distorting images or audio delay.
3. Free Play torrent movies, 3D videos and even play DVDs on Windows 10 without glitch.

Popcorn Time Not Connecting - Download Movies with 5KPlayer

Popcorn Time stops working mainly when loading movies, the movies trailers and posters are fine to watch. But when you want to play the full movies and Popcorn Time won't connect, free download 5KPlayer now and follow the easy tutorial below to watch the movies you like.

Step 1: Free download 5KPlayer – the best Popcorn Time alternative.
5KPlayer is easy to use on both Mac OS and Windows OS, and this best Popcorn Time alternative irons out the Popcorn Time not loading problem entirely.

Step 2: Apply this free Popcorn Time alternative to free download movie. :
Copy the URL of the target movie => Click "YouTube" button on the main panel of 5KPlayer => Click "Paste URL & Analyze" to analyze URL => Click "Download" button to start download movies.

Step 3: Click movies to Play with the best free Popcorn Time alternative directly.

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