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How to Download Stupid Funny Videos from StupidVideos Sites

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 24, 2020

A stupid video a day, keeps displeasures away! And what if you also want to share the funny videos with your friends whenever and wherever you please? Free download hilarious stupid funny videos from StupidVideos YouTube and other video sites with 5KPlayer.

[Warning] YouTube music & copyright-protected contents are not supported for download.

Best Way to Free Download StupidVideos Videos

You need 5KPlayer to free download stupid videos from stupidvideo.com and stupidvideos.us for fun and novelty, and also expand your interests in downloading from other online video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, VEVO etc. 100% clean and adds-free!

Easy Free Stupidvideos Video Downloader

How to Download Streaming Video?

Downloading videos from StupidVideos can be a little trickier than you might think, since all the videos embedded in the site are queued up in playlists, sharing a common page URL. Therefore, before downloading any stupid funny videos from StupidVideos, you should extract the very link of the certain video you want downloading. And here, we recommend you Chrome for easier extraction.

a. Get Prepared:
1. Download, install and run this free stupidvideos downloader -5KPlayer

2. Click the YouTube button on the main interface to go to the download UI.

You'll see a paste and analysis box provided for video URL.

Get StupidVideos Video URL for Free Download

b. Extract the URL from StupidVideos:
1. Open StupidVideos websites with Chrome to find a hilarious funny video you want downloading.

2. Click to play the funny video and then pause to make sure that's the very one working right now.

3. Press "F12" on your keyboard to view the "Developer Tools".

4. Click "Network" and find the file name with longest timeline.

5. Click the file name and copy the "Requested URL" under Headers > General

Note: Same methods can be applied to extracting URLs of videos embedded in media sites like International Business Times, CBS, New York Times, etc. for free downloading.

Get StupidVideos Video URL for Free Download

c. Start Free Downloading from StupidVideos
1. Paste the link into the analysis box of the free StupidVideos downloader for analysis.

A videostrip with a thumbnail, a setting button, media info and a download button will then show up below the analysis box for you to free download this StupidVideos video; otherwise, the file won't be able to be saved.

2. Click the download button to download StupidVideos video.

Note: In case that the videos downloaded from stupidvideos are shot in portrait mode and you want to watch it in landscape mode, 5KPlayer also enables you to loop the video anytime you want during playback.

Click to Free Download StupidVideos Video

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