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Best VLC Flash Player to Play FLV F4V Videos Online & Offline

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 30, 2020

Flash Videos are never rare as hosting sites like YouTube, Hulu and Vevo are using this for streaming videos. So, popular open-source flash video player VLC add supports for FLV (Flash) files playback to help you play animation, music video and video game flash files online and offline easily.

Best Free Flash Video Player for FLV F4V Playback

5KPlayer is a tailor-made flash video player for you to play FLV F4V flash videos movies on Windows and Mac. Besides the best free VLC flash video player alternative, 5KPlayer also gathers other VLC features like video music playback, YouTube download and media streaming to let you have endless digital entertainment.

VLC Flash Player

VLC Flash Player not Playing Flash Videos? How to Solve?

After testing various flash videos including FLV, F4V and SWF, we've found that it is impossible to play SWF files in so-called flash video player VLC even in its latest version. It is a pity but you have no choice but turn to a flash video player VLC alternative if you want to play SWF flash videos smoothly.

Luckily, free flash video player 5KPlayer can make up for the imperfection of VLC flash player. Be it F4V, FLV or SWF video, 5KPlayer digest it easily.

Flash Video Player VLC

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