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Windows Media Player Won't Play MP4? FAQs & Solutions

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: August 23, 2019

Your Windows Media Player won't play MP4 files just happened? The codec problem should be mainly responsible for that. To help you solve the problem once for all, this guide will list detailed reasons to explain why that happens plus corresponding solutions. However, if you want to easily and quickly solve MP4 file not playing problem, you can try third-party MP4 player to play MP4 videos files on Windows.

Best Windows Media Player Alternative Download to Play MP4 Files

Without external MP4 codec pack download, professional MP4 player 5KPlayer will help play MP4 files when Windows Media Player not playing MP4 error happens. Free, clean, lightweight and easy to use.

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Detailed Solutions to Windows Media Player not Playing MP4 Error

Solution 1. Download MP4 Codec Pack

You can free download Windows Media Codecs pack which contains MP4 codecs from Microsoft official website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=507 for Windows Media Player 7.1, XP, 9 series and 10. But if you need to beef up other version of Windows Media Player like WMP 12, you may have to third-party codec pack sites to get the MP4 codecs.

However, I have to remind you that codec packs downloaded from online may be not that safe and stable. They may conflict with the existed codecs on your computer, and even worse, some of them contains malware or virus that may do harm to your computer.

Solution 2. Convert MP4 to WMP-supported Formats

Alternatively, if your Windows Media Player is not compatible with a certain MP4 video, you can try to convert the MP4 to WMV or AVI that is more adaptable to WMP. The video converters are variable, online or desktop version, you can choose one you like most. But keep in mind, the process of converting videos may sacrifice some quality.

Solution 3. Try Professional MP4 Player – Best Way as of Now

If you are stubborn fan of Windows Media Player, you can just try the above two methods to help solve MP4 file not playing in Windows Media Player problem. But if you need a better way, we recommend you professional MP4 player to replace Windows Media Player.

5KPlayer is the best free MP4 player for Windows 10 as well as 8 and 7 to play MP4 videos files without the need of downloading external codec packs or converting videos. Just throw any types of MP4 files at it, it plays immediately and smoothly. Born to be a video music player, 5KPlayer also plays other common MKV FLV AVI WMV MOV etc videos files in HD 4K HDR and even up to 8K, and rare media formats without errors.

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