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37 Must See Netflix HD Movies List 2008-2016

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: May 07, 2020

Since Netflix has an enormous amount of 4K UHD/HD movies on shelf, subscribers often feel at sea finding a movie worthy of time for entertainment or run out of ideas about which film to choose. Thus, according to the rating of IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes (scoring above 8.0 and 80% respectively), here we list out 37 quality Netflix HD movies from 2008 to 2015 (keep updating) to give you a clue.

Great news: Netflix is going to be the exclusive streaming service for Disney films in September 2016! Major theatrical movies produced by Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar are about to be streamed on Netflix, and we'll update those movies into this list on time!

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Netflix HD List of Movies 2008-2016:

Best Netflix HD Films 2008
In Bruges
(Action, Comedy, Crime; IMDB 8.0, RT 84%)
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
(Crime, Drama; IMDB 8.6, RT 94%)

Best Netflix HD Films 2009
Inglorious Basterds
(Mystery & Thriller, War & Military; IMDB 8.3, RT 89%)
About Ally
(Mystery & Thriller; IMDB 8.1, RT 97%)

Best Netflix HD Films 2010
Exit Through the Gift Shop
(Comedy, Documentary; IMDB 8.0, RT 96%)
Elite Squad: the Enemy Within
(Action & Adventure, Crime; IMDB 8.1, RT 93%)

Best Netflix HD Films 2011
We Were Here
(Documentary , History; IMDB 8.0, RT 100%)
How to Die In Oregon
(Documentary , Drama, Kids & Family; IMDB 8.3, RT 100%)

Best Netflix HD Movies 2012
Django Unchained
(Drama, Western; IMDB 8.5, RT 88%)
The Hunt
(Drama; IMDB 8.3, RT 94%)
The Act of Killing
(Documentary , History; IMDB 8.2, RT 95%)
(Documentary , Music & Musical; IMDB 8.0, RT 95%)
(Comedy,Drama, Romance; IMDB 8.3, RT 83%)
Honor Flight
(History, War & Military; IMDB 8.0, RT 80%)
People of A Feather
(Documentary; IMDB 8.0, RT 86%)
Not Yet Begun to Fight
(Documentary , Drama; IMDB 8.4, RT 88%)

Best Netflix HD Movies 2013
Short Term 12
(Drama; IMDB 8.0, RT 100%)
Black Fish
(Documentary; IMDB 8.1, RT 98%)
The Square
(Documentary, Drama,History; IMDB 8.2, RT 100%)
The Kingdom of Dreams And Madness
(Animation, Documentary; IMDB 8.0, RT 89%)
Mysteries of The Unseen World
(Documentary; IMDB 8.4, RT 100%)
(Documentary; IMDB 8.1, RT 82%)
American Revolutionary
(Documentary; IMDB 8.1, RT 83%)

Best Netflix HD Movies 2014
Winter Sleep
(Drama; IMDB 8.3, RT 89%)
Life Itself
(Documentary; IMDB 8.0, RT 97%)
The Way He Looks
(Drama, Romance; IMDB 8.0, RT 91%)
(Action & Adventure, Drama,Mystery & Thriller; IMDB 8.1, RT 100%)
(Documentary, War & Military; IMDB 8.3, RT 100%)
The Look of Silence
(Documentary; IMDB 8.4, RT 96%)
I'll Be Me
(Drama, Kids & Family; IMDB 8.0, RT 100%)
The Battered Bustards of Baseball
(Documentary; IMDB 8.2, RT 100%)
All This Mayhem
(Documentary; IMDB 8.0, RT 100%)
The Invisible Front
(Documentary, drama; IMDB 8.0, RT 100%)

Best Netflix HD Movies 2015
The Sisterhood of Night
(Drama, Mystery & Thriller; IMDB 8.0, RT 82%)
World of Tomorrow
(Animation, Comedy, Science-Fiction; IMDB 8.3, RT 100%)
Uncle John
(Crime, Drama, Mystery & Thriller IMDB 8.0, RT 80%)
Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine
(Documentary, History; IMDB 8.2; RT 100% )

Best Netflix HD Movies List
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