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Best Media Players for macOS Catalina/Big Sur Free Download

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: June 29, 2020

As Apple macOS upgrades to Big Sur, you may also like to catch up with those media players dedicatedly optimized for Big Sur. Some prefer a modern taste of interface, some are power users who would like to get more setting options, file reading competence or other specific utilities. Read below to see whether those top 4 media players for Catalina/Big Sur on list will impress you as much as they've impressed us.

Best 4K/8K Media Player Catalina/Big Sur Free Download

This video player for macOS Catalina/Big Sur topping the U.S. multimedia download chart on Softonic and ranking 3rd in the India/UK/Canada/Australia multimedia chart, is the most reliable Mac player for people with varied demands - streaming, 4K/8K playback, online video download, screen reording etc. Free downlaod it now!

Media Player for Mac

VLC Player – Uncrown King of Media Players for Catalina/Big Sur

VLC Player

That VLC is the uncrowned king of multimedia field has been continuously challenged by many upspringing media players, yet its unshakable popularity stands still no matter how hard they try to struggle forward on whatever platforms. MacOS Catalina/Big Sur is one of the main tracks where those media players go head to head for the "best" title. Fiece as the competition is, we may still have to list VLC as the top media player for macOS Catalina/Big Sur in terms of technical horsepower and settings rather than appearance.

All format support
Handle raw/incomplete materials
Hardcore users' choice

MPC-HC - Simple & Most Lightweight Media Player Catalina/Big Sur

Scarcely had VLC gained its fame, when MPC followed the footsteps. The reason why we think MPC-HC better than MPC-BE is that the former updates more frequently with in-time fixes and renewed library on a routine basis, which is convenient for users to give feedbacks and get solutions. Media Player Classic Home Cinema and MPC-BE frankly are almost in common from average users' perspective (see which media player classic to download).

Most Lightweight player of all
Highly configurable


Elmedia Player from Eltima - One of the Best Media Players for macOS Catalina/Big Sur

One of the best media players for macOS Catalina/Big Sur is Elmedia Player for Mac. First off, it supports a wide range of video formats from MP4, MOV, MKV, etc, language switching is optional and Elmedia Player - one of the best media players for Mac may change font colors, and even play damaged video files that the rest of media players for Mac won't do out there in the market.

Support TIFF PNG GIF screenshots
Highly configurable

Elmedia Player

MOVIEST – macOS Catalina/Big Sur Video Player Representative of Elegancy


Elegant interface with great capture feature, this media player Catalina/Big Sur is as much a visual attraction as it is a media player. Among other typical multimedia features, Movist is based in part on FFmpeg and can let you switch between QT and FFMPEG on the fly. But it is reported that its most notable subtitle support and apple remote control has been facing troubles on macOS Catalina/Big Sur.

Best media player for Catalina/Big Sur following comtemporary aesthetic
FFmpeg and QT switch

As stated above, there are many choices for users in varied needs and you do not have to stick with one media player on Catalina/Big Sur forever. Making some of those Mac video players your day-to-day alternations won't be a bad idea since when you embrace them, they you. For a quick recommendation, i pick 5KPlayer here for you and hopefully you can take a fresh bite of a new media player revolution.

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