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Best Sites to Live Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 All Matches

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: December 10, 2020 | 4 Mins Read

Top best sites to live stream FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia are prepared here to help you international football fans who are not that lucky living in Russia but want to watch 2018 FIFA World Cup live stream to get in-time information as native Russians. Also, no need to get up early in the morning or stay late at night, these top FIFA World Cup 2018 live streaming sites will allow you to retrospect and follow every splendid moment of this worldwide gala anytime you are free.

Best FIFA World Cup 2018 Streaming & Downloading Tool

Never miss a wonderful moment of this football carnival! 5KPlayer is here to help you free download football tournament videos highlights in the field or on the stands from any FIFA World Cup streaming site on computer, and then transfer to iPhone iPad Android to watch on the go or stream to HDTV wirelessly.

Sites to Live Stream FIFA World Cup

For lots of worldwide football fans, the TV live broadcasting should be the best and closest way to get into the FIFA World Cup 2018 and cheer for their countries, favorite teams and players as other football enthusiasts on the spot. However, TV channels are often geo-blocked that you should be the native to access the shows, or you need prepare enough time to see the rebroadcast in your country. So, FIFA World Cup live streaming sites is the best choice to watch 2018 FIFA World Cup live stream in any region without limitations. And here is a list of top sites to broadcast FIFA World Cup Russia that always work perfectly without the sudden server error during an exciting competition.

Official Websites to Live Broadcasting 2018 FIFA World Cup Matches

Site: https://www.fox.com/
Fox Live TV should be the most suitable FIFA World Cup streaming site for United States soccer fans who can have the chance to watch 64 games live stream on the websites anytime anywhere. If you are foreigners, you can go to your browser settings and allow this streaming site to access your location and then stream 2018 FIFA World Cup football games for you.

beIN Sports
Site: http://www.beinsports.com/
One of the most popular sports streaming sites for Middle East and Africa, beIN Sports now can also offer FIFA World Cup 2018 streaming service to fans in France, Spain, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Just choose your region and you are free to stream 2018 FIFA soccer games.

Site: https://www.itv.com/
Though it is much more like a TV show and movie streaming site where you can see the show's broadcasting time in advance, ITV is especially convenient to watch FIFA World Cup live stream for England, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands audience.

Similar official sites to live stream FIFA World Cup 2018 football tournament also include CBS, Kwesé Sports, SuperSport, SBS, NBC and DirecTV.

Best Streaming Server to Stream 2018 FIFA World Cup Videos - Recommended

5KPlayer is AirPlay-enabled for football fans to stream FIFA World Cup 2018 videos from iPhone iPad to Mac/PC or computer to Apple TV without cable. And it is also under active development to realize live streaming like m3u8 live stream to reduce the disk space.

How to Stream 2018 FIFA World Cup Videos via 5KPlayer?

Stream FIFA World Cup between iOS/Mac/PC and Apple TV

This is an offline way that requires you to free download World Cup videos MP4, MOV or M4v in advance via 5KPlayer and then use the built-in AirPlay function to stream FIFA videos.

Step 1: Free download 5KPlayer, install and launch it on your computer.

Step 2: Play the FIFA World Cup video you just downloaded via 5KPlayer.

Step 3: Click AirPlay icon on the top right corner of the video playing window, and then choose your Apple TV from list of detected devices. And then the FIFA World Cup streaming from Mac/PC will display on Apple TV.

Stream FIFA World Cup

* If you have any football videos on iPhone iPad, you can just swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device and choose 5KPlayer to receive the video streaming wirelessly.
* Make sure your iPhone/iPad and Mac/PC/Apple TV are connected to the same WIFI network.
* Kindly remind, you can input the m3u8 or rtsp video streaming link to the Live icon on 5KPlayer to directly stream videos without downloading in the future.

DLNA Stream FIFA World Cup via 5KPlayer

DLNA Android to PC: 5KPlayer can turn itself into a DLNA renderer to receive what you are sending from DLNA app on Android or iPhone. Wirelessly stream FIFA World Cup videos, highlights and music songs on computer in HD.

DLNA PC to Smart TV: Guess you have downloaded FIFA World Cup videos and songs via 5KPlayer, just play your video music with 5KPlayer and click on DLNA icon the top right corner of 5KPlayer to find your TV to stream FIFA media to. Then, 5KPlayer will instantly send your media to TV without choke.

Notice: Make sure that your mobile handset, computer, TV or other DLNA-compliant devices are in the same network.

Stream FIFA World Cup

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