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AirPlay 2 vs DLNA| Android AirPlay 2 Equivalent

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

For Apple users, using AirPlay 2 to stream music songs to AirPlay 2 speakers is like a solide evolution. But to DLNA users, it might not sound that dazzling as we have already been using that kind of "multi-room audio" streaming for some time, and better off, we even got "multi-room video" streaming. How to stream video music without AirPlay 2? And what is the Android AirPlay 2 equivalent? Your will find it here.

AirPlay 2 for Android - Free DLNA Streamer

This free DLNA streamer - 5KPlayer, can serve you as AirPlay 2 for Android and let you stream audio and video to different devices simultaneously! Far better than AirPlay 2, this DLNA player is not limited to multi-audio streaming from iOS 11.4, but also multi-video streaming. Download this free Android AirPlay 2 alternative!

AirPlay 2 for Android

Your Android AirPlay 2 Equivalent - DLNA Featured 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is your best Android AriPlay 2 equivalent to turn PC into a media server, a DLNA controller, and a DLNA renderer/player. It lets your multiple DLAN devices access the central media server to play back different audio songs and movies from separate rooms. It is also by far the most user friendly DLNA streamer to support video audio playlist streaming and playback in loop. Stable, multi-device seamless streaming make 5KPlayer a great equivalent to AirPlay 2 for Android.

Step 1: Install this Android AirPlay 2 alternative on your WIFI connected Windows PC.

Step 2: Connect all your DLNA devices to the same WIFI network.

Step 3: Search from your DLNA devices to access 5KPlayer media server library.

Step 4: Click on a movie/song or a whole playlist for seamless playback.

Android AirPlay 2 Equivalent

This Android AirPlay 2 streaming software also allows you to free download endless music videos from online to build up your own media hug for free streaming. Your Android mobile devices will be able to remote control and stream video music directly to PC for 4K/8K HDR playback, as well as fetching media from PC end. Get this streaming media player now for your Android device as AirPlay 2 alternative!

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