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Does Keepvid Bring Virus? How to Remove Keepvid Virus?

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: May 06, 2020

Keepvid.com is a website used as an online video download tool by a lot of users. However, on top of its convenience and easy to use, recently, Keepvid virus and malware issues gradually emerge to attract widespread attention. We may be willing to bear ads, but Keepvid virus is intolerable. Today we are gonna analyze whether Keepvid really brings virus, and if it does, how can we remove Keepvid virus in a perfect way?

[Warning] YouTube music & copyright-protected contents are not supported for download.

Remove Keepvid Virus by Using the Safest Free Video Downloader

The easiest way to remove Keepvid virus is to use the most powerful and safest Keepvid alternative - 5KPlayer to download online videos instead of using Keepvid.com. 5KPlayer is simply better than Keepvid, which is to download any videos and audio off of internet but the difference is - 5KPlayer supports more websites, and it is a standalone video downloader software so, you won't accidently download virus at all.

Does Keepvid Bring Virus

How to Remove Keepvid Virus and Download Videos Safely?

1. Use Safe Video Downloader – 5KPlayer

Not only Keepvid brings virus to your computer but any other online video downloaders are dangerous such as Clipconverter.cc and Fast Video Downloader. Therefore, the safest way of downloading videos and avoiding Keepvid virus is to install a standalone video downloader – 5KPlayer.

5KPlayer is 100% safe and extremely useful when it comes to video music downloads. It is the best Keepvid alternative which does exactly what Keepvid does – video audio downloading except bringing Keepvid virus. Unlike Keepvid that only supports 50+ online video sites, this Keepvid alternative supports download videos music from Dailymotion, Soundcloud and 300+ online video sites. Besides, this keepvid alternative is also able to download 8K ultra HD video fast and free.

5KPlayer – Best Keepvid Alternative

Simple guide on how to download videos with the best Keepvid alternative:
Step 1: Copy the link of the target video on your browser: Chrome, Firefox, IE, or whatever.
Step 2: Click "YouTube" on the interface of this safe Keepvid alternative. (Free download and Keepvid alternative on your Mac or PC first if you haven't yet.
Step 3: Paste video URL on the address frame of Keepvid alternative by one click on "Paste URL & Analyze" button.
Step 4: Choose video format and resolution before clicking "Download" button when the analyze process has done.

2. Use Anti-virus software to Remove Keepvid Virus

For someone who insist on using Keepvid.com to download videos, anti-virus software is a great choice for which always useful to keep your computer system safe from Keepvid virus and remove Keepvid virus each time when you download videos with Keepvid. Anti-Keepvid virus software like Spyhunter & Webroot Secure Anyware can help you to remove Keepvid virus for a moment, but not forever, because next time you try to download videos with Keepvid, the Keepvid virus and malware will still appear. So you have to keep the anti-virus software running all the time and remember that, anti-virus software does not solve Keepvid not working problem but 5KPlayer does.

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